Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bullet Air taxi service

We have discussed bullet train option for quick transport of people to places in my earlier post. When we say bullet we mean a very straight track and speed higher than 200 miles per hour. In my earlier post, I have shown that in semi tropical region such as India, this is not feasible due to very high ambient temperatures that exist during the most part of the year. Mr. Modi called Japanese experts to work on this project. I know they have begun their work of survey. Some time and a lot of money they will take before giving their report about how feasible the project could be. I know what they will suggest because science does not know Indian or Japanese scientist, it gives the same results and so I am sure they will reiterate my opinion.

This does not solve the problem Modi wants to unravel. Therefore, I wanted to find any other way to get an acceptable fast travel. Solution was not very far. Air taxi service can do that. For that, government will have to allow construction of an airstrip, which can support Airbus plane. These plans can travel at speeds much more (300mph) than at what a bullet train can traverse. They also travel for much of its pass in a straight line. Therefore, I named it bullet Air taxi service.

If this option Modi accepts, fast travel for busy executives will be settled properly. His craze for bullet train will disappear. As for travel from Ahmadabad to Mumbai I would suggest that they build, an airstrip somewhere around Mulund suburb and one other somewhere near Ahmadabad. Air sorties can be financed by private companies and that way investment for that will be distributed evenly over many companies. This way we shall make it economically feasible also. This is not possible with bullet train proposal. Actually, bullet train is no match for bullet Air Taxi. This shall create more employments in the process than what bullet train may create. I know that at present there is much paucity of jobs amongst Indian pilots. We will be creating more jobs for them by this project. At present travel charges, for Air-conditioned train are more or less similar to ordinary class Air travels. Bullet train charges will be much more if my guess goes well. That means in that respect also a Bullet Air taxi will be cheaper than bullet train travel. This is very important. This will encourage micro business activity creating employment for our pilots who are now without job. Many jobs will be created by this activity.

Since private investment will be attracted in this business, we will be creating excellent opportunities for new investments in this field. This goes well with Modi's plans for development of our country. By my visualization the airstrip will be not occupying vary large area as our other Airports do. That is important. A chain link of such short airstrips will be prepared in many other cities and by that a bullet Air Taxi service we can develop all around to make fast travel in our important cities possible. Today we have Airports occupying unnecessarily large areas. That is really, not necessary as per my information. In USA and Australia, I know such Taxi services are very common. A very compact arrangement they have; we can adopt that for bullet Air taxi service. We may evolve our indigenous plan for this transport. We need not always copy foreigners.

In addition to activity in providing quick transport this will give boost to manufacture of small planes those can carry 20 passengers per trip. In addition to manufacture maintenance activity will take boost in this sector. Many micro industries will develop in the country due to Air Taxi transport. These benefits will not be possible from Bullet train. For bullet train we will have depend on imports of costly equipment causing erosion of our already precarious foreign exchange position.

I hope our honorable PM will take serious note of my suggestion.

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