Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Corruption is essential

There is much row about corruption. I have been doing much research in this topic and in that I found that corruption is essential as long as our laws have many defects or I may say so long as our laws are corrupt. Corruption helps in managing with those defects. Founder of modern science of economics, Sir Adam Smith in 1760 wrote a book, "Wealth of Nations", and in that he has admitted the need of corruption to correct mistakes of unnatural laws. He says, corruption and smuggling are two practices who can help nation overcome the problems created by unnatural or bad laws controlling economics of the country. To understand what are unnatural laws we have to see varieties of law types.
List of types of laws we have, natural law, illegal law, bad law, wrong controls and prohibitions. We should understand meanings of these terms. These laws are responsible for corruption in the country. Therefore, to eradicate corruption in system we must first cleanse our legal system. If we try to forcibly remove corruption from society while these defective laws continue; law and order problems may rise and so eradication of these laws is priority in the process of removing corruption.
Natural Laws - This is a type of law that is created for some genuine cause.
Illegal Laws - These are laws created to protect interests of stake holders. These laws often infringe upon rights of other section of the society particularly those who are opponents of stake holders. These laws control economic activities. They guide economic activity in such a manner that a certain section benefits and rest of the society suffers. To avoid application of these laws corruption comes helpful. So long as such laws exist corruption will never end. In case of these laws corruption works as an antidote to those laws.
Bad Laws - These laws are created to serve bad ideas of some section of the society who is in power. Often they reflect aspirations of a particular religion or sect against aspirations of other groups. These laws control moral concepts of people. These laws are made by people in office who are mentally abnormal. All Draconian laws come under this type. With help of these laws powerful section of the society tries to control, demoralize, marginalize other sections of the society. To avoid application of these laws corruption comes helpful. So long as such laws exist corruption will never end.
Wrong Controls - Law makers often use the power of law to bring control on some activities. Through these controls, movements of people are manipulated. When controls are properly planned they help the people but when they are wrongly planned they can be motivating people involved to indulge in corruption. To avoid application of these laws corruption comes helpful. So long as such laws exist corruption will never end.
When a law is designed it is expected to serve some motives. There are apparent motives, hidden motives and ulterior motives. Limits and Interpretation of a law is also important. Many bad laws are made to be used only in case of emergency. During other normal situations they are not put to use and so that way we avoid positive corruption but this practice helps what is called passive corruption. Many laws are made with purposefully keeping some loose ends to be either used to serve some covert motive. Often these laws encourage passive corruption. Not honoring a law by neglecting its rules is called passive corruption. Very often some good officers of the government or any such executive agency indulge in passive corruption to help citizens involved.
At the end of my research I came to know that corruption is not in itself existing but it is an effect of bad or unnatural laws. So long as these laws continue to function we will need corruption. If we try to impose anti-corruption measures to forcibly curb corruption situation of explosive nature may arise and it will not be possible to comprise with that. My conclusion is that first we should detect defective laws and make them natural or simply remove them from the system. If we can achieve this; corruption will automatically vanish from the society.
Modi has said that he has formed a team of experts to remove unnatural laws and he also says that many such laws are removed. I do not have any report that shows which wrong laws are removed by that team. Modi should declare the list of such wrong laws which he has successfully removed from the system. We may discuss in future post the process of such removal so that no natural laws is removed in that process by bad decisions.

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