Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Qualified and knowledgeable

We often consider that a person having a degree in a subject is also knowledgeable on that subject. My this presumption was proved wrong the other day when I interviewed a new recruit for the job of electronic Engineer. That boy had a valid degree in electronic engineering from a recognized institute from Mumbai. At that time of interview I found that he is not knowing even the rudimentary information on electronics. He could not explain difference between a resistance and a capacitor. To my surprise he was not the only one boy but as I went on interviewing more such freshers, I was dismayed to find that none of them was having knowledge of the subject they were carrying degree for.

When I contacted the principal of that institute she told me very unhappily that there are instructions from central government that if a student is from OBC or SC, his/her mere appearing for the exam should be considered enough and on that he/she will be given a degree of that subject! However, for other class students this concession is not available! That means, a degree is given as a gift to these students as a present, for merely appearing for that exam. This information was corroborated when one person who boasts of an engineering degree from a college from Matathwada in Maharashtra and now working as a contractor with PWD told me the same thing. He told me that he got a degree even though he had not answered his paper properly, he was sure to fail, however, he told me that when he got the degree he got shock of his life? He told me further that he talked about it to Nitin Gadkari, then leader of BJP and showed his surprise; on that Nitin Gadakari told him, never mind, join the government! This is a thing happened about forty years ago. That shows why our plans do not work. They are prepared by such bogus engineers. This also explains why we have corruption in our planning department. When I was trying to get one plan to convert open canal to pressure pipes for supply of water to fields I had to mix with engineers from Agriculture and Water departments; there I could actually feel that most engineers are not knowledgeable enough to hold those positions. On inquiry I came to know the truth that everybody knows that these engineers are bogus!

After that experience I was under the impression that it is in case of engineering subjects only. However, one doctor told me the same concessions are available for medical students also. She told me that new recruits for central government run hospitals are always from this OBC, ST and SC class students only. They do not understand how to write a prescription or cannot read one. On that I asked her how they are engaged in the hospitals? She told me they are given work of a compounder or even of lesser importance. Hospital management does not want to take risk of giving them any more responsible work. However, they surely draw salary package of a doctor!
I wanted to find out why this concession is given to the students from these scheduled class students. I got different explanations but none was convincing to me. One explanation nevertheless I found rather convincing, it was that of vote bank. Political people are wanting to secure votes from this group and for that they are ready to sacrifice anything even quality. I also noticed that students from class communities are studying in some specific types of institutes and in them these OBC, ST, SC class students are not enrolled. Quality of education is superior and therefore, students from such institutes appear to be better trained then these students, moreover I was told that students from this three classes are not intelligent enough to do serious studies. Therefore, even if any boy gets into that type of institution he/she drops immediately. In those institutes special consideration, of what I mentioned earlier in this article, is not available to them. My question is; does it mean that before we enroll new recruits should we see, if the ward is from class community or from these three classes? One can notice the class from their names generally. If the name suggests the class then better be cautious before employing him/her particularly if it is a job as a doctor! In other fields some training may improve them but in case of medical job it is a risk to the patient. Even so, if the job is in a research institute better be careful before getting wards from these classes because they are seldom ready for any serious work.

At the end of the day, the question whether a qualification even from a recognized institutes is reliable to recruit a student is enough to get really knowledgeable employee? The answer in NO. We can no more trust any qualification in our country any more! What a tragedy. Qualification is no more a measure of knowledge in this country; beware of this before you recruit any boy from these government run institutes. This may explain why some companies want to encourage foreign Universities to come here and open their colleges. It is hoped by them that at least in them Central government cannot demand any condition to give degree just for appearing! That we hope may keep some quality in the education in this country.

More on this I would like to share on this topic. Among computer software technicians only 10 % are really knowledgeable to do some real software designing. Most cannot do it properly. Finally the question is how to resolve this hassle? There is no solution to this obstinate problem so long as our politicians are more bothered about vote bank and less bothered about quality. The secret of this, one fellow revealed to me by telling me, that most political leaders are from these three classes! Employers should look to the background of each recruit and then only take his/her qualification seriously. It is wiser to train your own employees rather than depending on these qualifications.

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