Monday, August 10, 2015

Famine, physical and metaphysical explanations – 6

To understand reason for calling Brahman and Jains agents of Satan is in the way they work. Satan works with passions such as hatred and jealousy, vengeance, violence with pain and pleasure. Satan's work is to create imbalance in the working of birth and death in cosmos. Creating artificial situation so that balance is spoiled. Whereas Mother Nature or God by present term, continuously endeavors to keep this balance in birth and death. Destroying this balance will create problems and that is the fundamental purpose of Satan.
We often say there is only one god and so ideology of monotheism emerged but we also admit that there is Satan and God is balanced by it in all cosmic activities. If that is fact then why we do not accept the fact that there is polytheism or duotheism of God and Satan? This cosmos is managed by these two forces. Satan never comes in its own form but always appears as God. All activities of human being is influenced by these two forces, some call them as positive force for God and negative force for Satan. Now where these Brahmans come in the picture is the question.

Human being soon realizes that he has no control on his life and then to have that control he begins the search for something that can help him achieve control on his life. This has been the need of all human societies all over the world. Where there is need there is somebody to provide for it. We call it business. This business of providing control over life emerged. This control providing device is called religion. Religion is not created by Mother God but it is created by Satan. Very few people are aware of it; he told me. When we understand that religion is created by Satan and not by god many things about a religion become easy to apprehend. Brahman are the priests who manage theses religions. All businesses are controlled by Satan and not god and so accordingly this business of religion continues to make Satan stronger than God. The process continues unabated. Religions offer promises of many things in exchange for some thing; this is often done by priests or Brahmans of that religion. Such offers are not done by Mother God but by Satan in the name of that god. This callous arrangement if often not understood by simple people and they continue to believe that the promises are given by god and go astray. The process continues. Priests become center of all such activities and so does the Satan. These priests begin to call themselves "Gods of earth" or भुदेव.

About Jainism it was created by Satan in the name of non-violence, non-theft (Asteya अस्तेय) and non-amassing of wealth (Aparigraha अपरिग्रह). Out of these three basic principles non-violence culminated into vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is not its direct principle for observance, Nevertheless, today we see, it is the only principle that appears to be the main observation for most Jains. Other principles are not practiced at all as we see that most businessmen from this religion are known to indulge in the worst type of black money making, stashing commodities, creating artificial shortages and by that increase prices and loot customers; they amass wealth beyond their needs and so we cannot accept these people as honest practitioners of these principle of non-theft (Asteya अस्तेय) and non-amassing of wealth (Aparigraha अपरिग्रह) however, they are the people who make this religion. That is one sign that this religion belongs more to Satan than God! These Jains live a life full of hypocrisy in the name of non-violence while continuously keeping with black money, hoarding and amassing of wealth; Jains are expected to be living a life where they will not indulge in corruption or any type of theft and in addition to that they are supposed to not amass wealth beyond needs but here we see under guidance of their Sadhus and Sadhwis, Jains indulge in all sorts of corruption and continue to amass wealth beyond their minimum needs. This clearly shows how Satan works. Non-violence as expected in Jain ideology says, to cause any pain to anybody including oneself is violence. If there is no pain to anybody then that is not violence. If this definition we accept as proper guideline then, if an animal is killed without pain, that kill is not violence as per Jainism. Insulting, physical harm, financial loss to others for own benefit are all considered as examples of violence as per Jainism. When we observe behavior of people who call them Jain, we do not see that they observe these rules in their businesses.

Other symptoms of Satan are hypocrisy, superiority and inferiority complexes, having two faces – one to show and other to work, betrayal, giving false promises. He further told me that even though we reject Satan as bad we should understand that Satan is a part of this cosmos and so a very important element in the working of Mother Nature. That means, within safe limits Satan is essential to life and it is not altogether bad. To understand its limits and keep it within these limits is the awareness required to control Satanic elements in human life. That means all these symptoms of Satan are good when kept in their safe limits.

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