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Origin of Roman Catholic Church - 46

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According to Eamon Duffy, "the Renaissance papacy invokes images of a Hollywood spectacular, all decadence and drag. Contemporaries viewed Renaissance Rome as we now view Nixon's Washington, a city of expense-account whores and political graft, where everything and everyone had a price, where nothing and nobody could be trusted. The popes themselves seemed to set the tone." For example, Leo X, was said to have remarked: "Let us enjoy the papacy, since God has given it to us." Several of these popes took mistresses, fathered children, and engaged in intrigue or even murder. Alexander VI had four acknowledged children: Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Gioffre Borgia, and Giovanni Borgia.
By this degradation papacy permanently lost key to god that was entrusted to St. Paul by Lord Jesus. It is now reduced to a human political power pretending to be having any godly authority. By now papacy is no more a Christian faith but an institute promoting Popism or papalcy in the name of Jesus. Today what we have is actually a Popist faith in Churches and not Christianity as they claim.
As Europeans spread all over the world, this Inquisition continued all over the world wherever they went and conquered people the world over and burnt them who refused to convert to Pope's Christianity. In India, we have ample examples of that; confession was an essential part of Inquisition. In Goa Jesuit Xavier burnt thousands of Hindus because they refused to convert and that is done in front of people so that they get frightened and submit to Church. When this Jesuit went to China to spread Popism rather than Christianity, he burnt to ashes many Chinese who refused to convert. Interesting part of this is that later on this cruel Jesuit, (member of Society of Jesus formed in 1540) was conferred honor of Saint. Today this man is known as St. Xavier! Pope's office had reached its lowest level by confession and inquisition. Confession and Inquisition were against the teachings of Jesus. We can see the business of Church forged ahead at speeds unbelievable but the Jesus was lost. Jesus had a small place somewhere in Church his small image hanging on the cross on walls of Churches. All false promises were given in his name at every sermon by priests. Fooling faithful in the name of Lord Jesus became an every day ritual.

Pope authorized Portugal and Spain to carry the message of Pope (and not of Jesus) to that new world and both confession and inquisition continued there. Many innocent people were burnt to ashes by monks from Dominicans and Franciscans groups. Pope's Christianity spread all over the world using Jesus as only a tool to justify all that they did in his name; as the Pope claimed that the keys to heaven are with him! Actually if any key, that was lost when Henry had replaced Popes and imposed his Popes in 1080. Falsity continued. There was nobody to challenge Pope's authority. Papal march in political power was growing ever more. The case of Sicily is important to note in this context.

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