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End of Islam part 2:

Proposal to move Medina tomb unwise
A report from Times of India, 4th September 2014
Members of the Muslim community are outraged at the controversial proposal by Saudi Arabia authority to destroy one of Islam's most revered holy sites, the tomb of the prophet Mohammad at al-Masjid-al Nabwi, in Medina. Both scholars and believers say the ill advised step would “create bloodbath”, among Muslims and destabilize Saudi royals.
Islamic scholars Zeenat Shaukat Ali and Farid Batatawala of Muslim front said, moving of Prophet's tomb or pulling it down is an unfortunate decision by Saudi government. This decision will implode (burst within) the Muslim world as the prophet's tomb is not an ordinary shrine. They further said, moving Prophet's corpse out of it will spell doom for the Saudi kingdom. If really such plan exists it should be nipped in bud before it snowballs into a huge crisis.
-reported by Mohammad Wajihuddin.

This news further implies that, after tomb of Prophet is exhumed then next turn will be of Tomb of Ali the principal founder of Shia sect, Amir al-Mu'minin. This decision is instrumented by Salafi and Wahabbi sects in Muslims of Saudi Arabia. Their claim is based on the command given by prophet Mohammad that no mausoleum be constructed on place of burial of any human. Since, Mohammad and Ali and also other sahabas, companions of Prophet, were all ordinary humans such shrines built on their tomb be destroyed. That means, what Saudi administration would be doing is in accordance with the dictates of Prophet. Salafi ideologist's further claim that all these mausoleums were built on these places of burials were done due to unholy influence of Sufism on Islam. In order to get rid of this influence such drastic actions are necessary. Salafi and Wahabbi want only pure (pak) Islam to survive and all followers of that faith adhere to that. If we go back in the history of Arabia of those days, we see something that gives light on this development.

The history of that period shows some complicated situation existing at the time of death of Prophet. When Prophet died his body was entombed in the house of his wife and daughter of Abu Bkra, first Caliph; it was not buried in common Muslim grave yard, Jannat al Baqi. After some time during reign of Caliph Abu Bkra a small humble tomb was constructed at the request of many sahaba and it was called al-Masjid-al Nabwi. This was, of course, done against the dictates of Prophet. After some time Ali to revenge death of his wife Fatima and in that he destroyed house of Aisha and inadvertently, also destroyed measure part of al-Masjid-al Nabwi. In that may be unwittingly that place was so much burnt that Prophet's burial place was also destroyed; that means, his mortal remains were burnt down. As a result nothing remained of his body. After Uthman came in power (third Rashidun) he again build al-Masjid-al Nabwi, in present form and continued that practice. This is the brief history of that place.

This episode shows that the real body of Prophet is lost long time ago. And present tomb is not having any body under that tomb. Present tomb is supposed to have bodies of all the three (Mohammad, Abu bkra and Umar) Rashidun. If Saudi authority tries to exhume that tomb they will not find anything. It is believed by most scholars that same situation exists for Fatima's body, daughter of the Prophet and wife of Ali. Salafi and Wahabbi explain their stand by showing that Prophet had instructed to all during his life time that no such tombs be constructed after death of any of the companions and also of his. They say building a mausoleum on the buried body is not Sunna. As such this act of demolishing these structures is in accordance with Prophet's wishes and so very much correct. They expect that all true Muslim co-operate in such acts. These acts they justify by calling it a cleansing operation to purify Islam and rid it of any Sufi influence. Building such memorials is a Sufi tradition and not Muslim one, they assert.

We see that ever since the beginning of Islam it is extensively influenced by many Sufi traditions. Very often most Muslims consider that they are Muslim traditions and so these issues come up for discussion. Ali and Mohammad both appreciated Sufism and a very close relationship developed in these two distinct religions. If we see Ali's sermons they are deeply influenced by Sufi teachings more than Islamic one. We often see many clerics of Islamic in the past tried to separate them and for that they killed and in some instances tortured many Sufi saints. However, in spite of all these efforts influence of Sufism continued to bear upon activities of Muslim communities all over the world. Most practices of Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are deeply involving Sufi impact in their life. Mausoleum of Haji Ali in Mumbai, Garib-e-Nawaj of Ajmer, and many more in India are due to Sufi influence on Islam. Salafi and Wahabbi want to purify Islam by removing all impacts of Sufism on it and these activities are in that directions. In that process these two fundamentalist forces want to destroy all mausoleums in all Muslim as well as other countries where Muslims leave in sizable numbers. If their impact works that way they will destroy mausoleums of Mohammad Ali Zena and Bhutto of Pakistan, Taj Mahal and Bibi-ka-Muqbara of Aurangzeb's wife in Aurangabad, India to name a few and may be many more such places all over the world.

Technically if we see their argument appears to be sensible. Therefore, if all these influences of Sufism are rigidly removed from life of Muslims, remaining Islam will not be so easy that ordinary people can live with it. Islam as professed by the Prophet is too much theoretical. It lacks many elements those help an ordinary man to live with it. Those elements were supplied by Sufism but if they are removed most faithfuls will probably prefer to switch over to pure Sufism as their principal religion and discard Islam altogether. At present, most Muslims do not know that Sufism is a totally separate ideology and not a religion and much less part of Islam. They mistake Sufism as part of Islam. When they will realize that they are under wrong impression about these religions they will have to choose between the two faiths and most will prefer to accept Sufism as their ideology and religion. Sufism existed much before prophet was born. They say the three Maggi who visited child CHRIST were followers of Sufism from Persia. Ali molded Shia sect more on the line of Sufism rather than Koranic teachings, that is one reason why Sunni oppose Shia and the schism in the two sects we see. Prophet Mohammad's ancestors were Hanify Arabs and that means they were followers of Sufism.

The stand of Salafi and Wahabbi appear to be correct but if that is correct then many more corrections will have to be introduced to really purify Islamic practices by the faithfuls. Islam suggests to accept 5 pillars of that religion as base and no other practice is recommended by that faith. Those five pillars are (1) the shahadah (creed), (2) daily prayers (salat), (3) alms giving (zakah), (4) fasting during Ramadan and (5) the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj) at least once in a lifetime. The Shia and Sunni sects both agree on the essential details for the performance of these acts. That means to indulge in any practice other than these five is not binding on a Muslim. If this is accepted by Muslims, many practices such as observing Sharia Law, performing sunta or circumcision (removal of upper skin of the sex organ of male child) are not compulsory for a Muslim. The question is will these two hard liner sects accept these corrections and admit that a Muslim need not observe sharia laws and need not do sunta (circumcision) of the male child. Both Sharia law and sunta practice are optional in Islam and not compulsory. Circumcision is an old Arabic practice borrowed from Jews and it has nothing to do with Mohammad's religion. Neither in Koran nor Hadith these practices are recommended. Similarly, Sharia laws are also not compulsory for a Muslim, they are recommended by prophet and further elaborated by Ulema from time to time but nowhere they say that they are compulsory for the faithful. All sharia laws are only recommended to facilitate easy working of things. Continuous interference in them by Ulema from time to time clearly shows that they cannot be part of Sunna. That means, Sharia is not part of the dogma that is Islam. Today we see that these two are considered to be compulsory for all Muslims. True Muslim is one who adheres to five pillars as give above and everything else is optional. If this is understood by Muslims things may become easy for most of them. Purification of Islam will also mean removal of pre-Islamic Arab practices which have nothing to do with Islamic teachings given by Prophet Mohammad. Will Salafi and Wahabbi accept this? Given below are some interesting Hadith collections to show what Prophet Mohammad thinks on those topics.

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr
A man came to the Prophet asking his permission to take part in Jihad. The Prophet asked him, "Are your parents alive?" He replied in the affirmative. The Prophet said to him, "Then, exert yourself in their service. Serving old dependent parents is as good as Jihad. Jihad means, doing good work in the name of Allah; not necessarily fighting and killing"; apostle of Allah explained.
Narrated Anas:
Allah's Apostle said to Jarir, "From among the portents (signs) of the Hour (dooms day) are (the following): 1. Religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of Religious learned men by a kill). 2. (Religious) ignorance will prevail. 3. Intake of Alcoholic drinks will be very common. 4. There will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse. 5. Muslim will kill Muslim by calling him Kafr. Jarir asked when that shall happen? Allah's Apostle said, "That shall happen about after 1400 years hence, when Satan will replace Allah. Mullahs shall talk of Satan's will".

Narrated Al-Ahnaf bin Qais:
While I was going to help this man ('Ali Ibn Abi Talib), Abu Bakra met me and asked, "Where are you going?" I replied, "I am going to help that person." He said, "Go back for I have heard Allah's Apostle saying, 'When two Muslims fight (meet each other with their swords), both the murderer as well as the murdered will go to the Hell-fire.' I said, 'O Allah's Apostle! It is all right for the murderer but what about the murdered one?' Allah's Apostle replied, "He surely had the intention to kill his companion."
This means today Abu Bkr Bagadadi and his people are killing Muslims in the name of Allah are going to Hell-fire. That also means to help them or to co-operate with them is also against the dictates of Prophet. It also means those who wish to kill Abu Bkr Baghdadi's soldiers will also go to hell fire!

Narrated Ghailan,
Anas said, "I do not find (now-a-days) things as they were (practiced) at the time of the Prophet." Somebody said, "The true prayer is lost". Anas said, "Have you not done in the prayer what you have done in those days (days when Mohammad lived)? Narrated Az-Zuhri that he visited Anas bin Malik at Damascus and found him weeping and asked him why he was weeping. He replied, "I do not know anything which I used to know during the life-time of Allah's Apostle except this prayer which is being lost (not offered as it should be)". Prayers offered during Apostle of Allah were changed by later Caliph Uthman. Today what prayers are in practice are not the same as those offered by Prophet and his companions.

In the second Hadith as given here we see that Allah's Apostle gave a specific period (1400 Hijri) of death of Islam or dooms day. This time falls on year 1990 AD. That means after that time Islam will begin to perish at the hands of Al Ad-Dajjal, the Satan's brother. We see rise of Islamic terrorism began about that time and is growing every day. This is a sign that what Allah's Apostle had predicted has some meaning. By this Hadith we may understand that Abu Bkr Bagadadi is Al Ad-Dajjal! It looks from the way things are developing, Abu Bkr Baghadadi will destroy Arab world in the name of Islam. Note carefully Satan's flag is black. Abu Bkr Baghadadi carries black flag. If he is Ad-Dijjal then he cannot be destroyed by anybody but Allah. However, by the Hadith recording Allah seizes to function after 1400 and Islam remains unprotected.

Mir Illahi Noor(NC) a fakir from Arabia pointed out to me that Islam cannot be destroyed by anybody but Muslims. His vision says that may happen visibly around 2020 onwards. Let us see how things turnout to be.

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