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How black mystics control gullible believers

I have interest in this subject of mysticism and so I have been studying it for many years. Very often simple people mistake these black mystics for saints because they have much similarity with real saints. Recently somebody told me that Reliance group under Mukesh Ambani is not doing well. On that I discussed this with my one knowledgeable friend that topic and there what I came to know is really very interesting. I thought may be my readers will be interested in that and so I am putting it here on my blog.

We have seen how this group grew under Mukesh after his father's demise. In business problems are always occurring but a gradual down turn of it is really a matter of concern. Economists give their explanation to speculate reasons for such slowdowns in the business and most people accept that as the true reason for slowdown in that business. However, here we are going to see something very strange that gives a different view of such slowdowns in business. Yes, I am referring to the effects of black magic in life. Most of my readers will laugh at me but please, wait for a while and carefully read what I am giving here. This is about our virtues and our sins. You will definitely ask me what has that to do with business slowdown?

Let me explain, in material world money matters. Everybody will agree to that. If you have a lot of money you make a good living. But this money is of no use after you die. People with much money die without virtues to their credit and as a result their after death life becomes hell of which most religions talk in their gospels. In Hindu terms virtue is called Punya and opposite of that is sin and in Hindu term Paap. That means in spiritual world what matters is balance of these two things. Punya is called positive credibility and Paap is called negative credibility. Both are important because both have effects on the life of a person. Black mysticism is related to negative credibility. Whereas saints are concerned with positive credibility. Some say sin is absence of virtue but that is not correct. Sin has its own position in spiritual world. Virtue or Punya leads a person to good spirits and ultimately to divinity whereas sin leads to devil or Satan or Dijjal to put in semitic terms or Kali or Danava to put in Hindu terms. Bad people who indulge in sinful acts are often helped by bad spirits and good people are helped by divine spirits. To see parallel in biology we may say anabolism is related with positive credibility and catabolism with negative credibility. Disease causing anaerobic germs are related to catabolism and aerobic germs are to positive credibility. In short the whole living activity is directly related to these two credibilities.

Apparently practitioners of both negative and positive credibilities look similar and talk similar language. This misleads the gullible people and so they are often driven to negative side instead of positive side. This is exactly happening with Mukesh Ambani and it always happens with most people who want quick results. Because very often these negative credibilities promise quick results to their followers.

Black practitioners indulge in such rituals those can absorb virtue of virtuous people and utilize for their (Black practitioner's) benefits. They use virtues of people as a fuel in their practices. That is what we call black practice or black mysticism. In spirit world virtue is currency much the same way as rupee is currency in this world. Person with much virtue is rich in spiritual power and so benefits while one with less virtue suffers from many mundane and psychological problems. In other words good luck is related to positive credibilities and bad luck to negative credibilities. However, negative credibilities has its own powers and they are used by black mystics.

According to my information Mukesh was attached previously with a simple preacher who gives sermons on philosophy. During those days he went on progressing but after some time he began to face problems in business. Somebody might have advised him to contact some better person of spiritual power and by that he was introduced to one black mystic Mr. Oza, having an ashram somewhere in Gujarat. Ever since, he joined Oza's caravan of followers first some improvements he felt and so became sure of this Oza and his spiritual powers! This is the way these black mystics work to allure gullible persons. After that good phase the real phase of suction begins and if I am right that has begun with Mukesh. As Oza eats up Mukesh's virtues (Punya) balance and as a result he and with him his companies are going to suffer. Now even if he realizes his mistake of trusting this Oza, he cannot leave him so easily. It is easy to enter the den of a black mystic (people of Dijjal to put in Islamic terms) but not so easy to leave it. This is a one way pass. I have seen many such events happening during my search of this topic. One more example I wish to put here is of a mystic called Akkalkot swami from Maharashtra. This mystic has a very big following. I have observed that those followers who worship him like a god gradually lose their family link. Finally that family becomes extinct. That means their family stops from growing in next generation. They either do not have sons or if they have sons, those sons either do not marry or if they marry they have only daughters. Within three generations that family becomes extinct! This happens because that faculty to produce sons is due to some type of virtue and this mystic eats on it and as that virtue becomes less that family ceases to have next generation of sons. Generally ordinary people do not understand this link between virtue and family Genealogy. Only after I began to study this complex subject that I could understand that link. As nobody knows of this link these mystics go unnoticed for their virtue eating habit. They are always in the lookout for virtuous people so that they can be attracted in their fold. As we keep our reserve funds for future use these black mystics also keep some virtuous followers untouched for use in future and that is why not all followers suffer from them. This creates controversy in this hypothesis and we feel this theory is wrong. That means while some are being eaten up of their virtues other appear to be benefiting by these mystics. This arrangement continues to keep more virtuous followers coming to them.

We usually mention virtue or Punya as one thing but it is not that simple. There are many types of virtues and each type has its specific effect on the life of that person. Some virtues help financial progress, some genealogy, some beauty, some fame while other help in good health. Similar to virtues sins are also of many types causing different types of troubles in life. In my other blog I discuss on this subject so if you are interested in this subject keep reading that blog.

So friends, be careful in becoming a follower of a black mystic. Do not be blind in accepting them. Carefully study what is happening to their earlier followers and only after proper investigation think of going to them. My sincere advise to my readers is that best thing is do not follow any of them and better keep with standard family deity or Ganesh. It is really very difficult for ordinary people to differentiate between positive powers and negative powers.

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