Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is Obama safe?

My this essay is primarily based on some information I received. Presuming that it is true, I began to wonder about prospects of forthcoming visit of president of USA, in India on the occasion of our republic day. My information says that Pakistan intelligence is planning to assassinate Obama while he is in India by appointing some antisocial element through contacts of notorious outlaw Daud Ibrahim who is locked up in Pakistan somewhere.

The plan is to put relation between India and America on hook. They expect that it will definitely help Pakistan in improving its relations with America. I do not know if such a thing is at all possible when we see the arrangements American agencies are doing to cover up their president during his visit in here. Considering our long standing cold relations with States it may appear that the expectation is not all that absurd.

Threats from some terrorist groups and recent firing by some unknown people on the residence of vice president of United States make one feel nervous and one may feel that these terrorists supported by Pakistan government are capable of making any terrorist plan to unnerve American intelligence agency. Some say Obama is most likely to cancel his visit to India out of fear of big onslaught at the last moment. He is weary of the arrangement of all people including dignitaries to sit in open throughout the parade of our people. May be, as per typical American style he will attempt to insult Indians by refusing to sit along with others; but actual reason could be the fright of death that is lurking around him ever since he is warned by Arab Islamic extremists. The way Americans are showing vigilance it becomes clear to all that intention of terrorist groups of Islamic agencies are successful in frightening USA.

Let us take all possibilities and try to visualize what can happen in that eventuality. First let us presume that Pakistan's attempt to assassin Obama come through successfully! If that happens will American intelligence consider that it was handy work of any Indian group? I do not think that will happen because they are fully sure about our non-violence principle. Knowing fully well Indians do not believe in killing. Indians firm belief in living together is well known to the whole world. That means, the pointer will be for sure directing to Pakistani agencies such as ISI or Arab agency ISISI.

When our Prime Minister Lalbahadur Shasty was killed in Soviet Union many years back we Indians returned without raising even one voice against that country. May be Soviet Union was truly innocent about it but it is also possible that they killed him to stop the advance of Indians in the subcontinent. Whatever be the truth; I do not feel Americans will rest quietly if their President is killed in any other country. The question is what they will do to equal the killing. Will they attack Pakistan? I do not think so. Or will their forces try to enter Pakistan and try to catch the culprits. That is also not easy. How will they treat Indian side in that case? Indians will surely declare a week or fortnight mourning and that will win the confidence of America.

Knowing fully well mentality of this country known for its tit for tat policy when it comes to fighting. We remember how America bombed two cities of Japan because they dared violet American modesty by pumping air raids on one small harbor. Americans destroyed two cities as against one air raid, killing millions of innocent people! This shows that Americans do not have sense of proportion. If that experience we consider as some guideline, I will not be surprised if they bomb Mecca and Medina two nerve centers of Islam for what all these Islamic terrorist activity is going on. I earnestly hope that these Pakistani plans to assassin Obama on Indian grounds fails thanks to American vigilance.

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