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Business of Religion - part 1

A religion is always associated with some concept of god. Priesthood of that religion backs that creed. Thus, we see that there is some intimate relation between the god of that religion and its priesthood. Priesthood claims to represent god of that religion. Very often, we see the priest talk to people as if they are in direct communion with god. They give promises to people in the name of god. Interesting part in all this is that nobody doubt them and accept whatever they say as if true. When we carefully study various promises, these priests give to the faithful on behalf of god; we see that one prominent promise they give is of clemency or pardon. They tell the faithful that whatever sin they may commit, if they pray for god and do a particular ritual or such and such prayer, as per the guidance of that priest, god shall forgive them, for their sin and they will be free from the consequences of that sin. People believe that promise, may be because, it is very convenient to accept that and get free from the worries of that sin. We see priests performing some rituals, probably to pretend to have appeased the god for which they charge the sinner some handsome price and make some fortune. Every sinner hopes to get redemption for the sins he/she did and since that is the demand priest do exactly that and win the confidence of the faithful.

Most religions have a ready list of acts those constitute sin. That means, if one does those acts it amounts to have done sin! They also have another list of punishments for those sins! The list of punishments is prepared by the priests in the way that when the sinner knows them he/she gets dreaded and succumbs to priest's advise. The business of priesthood prospers comfortably. Fear for the unknown in the minds of the faithful helps the priest in these matters. Fearless people look to religion, god and priest with certain disdain. Priests often in their sermons criticize these fearless people as skeptic or atheist and warn the faithful to keep away from them, call them heathen and what not.
Priests often give other promises and through them, they guarantee that after certain rituals performed the host will get his wish fulfilled. I always wonder why at all people need, some thing like a religion, to support their life. Why and how, they easily accept that a mortal, just like himself or herself, can claim of having talked with the almighty. Somehow, this happens everywhere and in all religions and so I feel that is the need of common peoples anyway and everywhere. Some priests perform some magic and tell the gullible that it is a miracle due to direct communion with god!

This promise of forgiveness or pardon interested me very deeply. I decided to find out if really god forgives or not. As you may understand that, I am not any priest of any religion and so have no reason to use the cheap gimmicks to make any claim of that sort; however, I still can use the logic to find out whether God forgives or not. I searched for that and found that Mother Nature is the thing that speaks on behalf of the Almighty. Every body agrees that Mother Nature is the true reflection of The GOD. All behavior of Mother Nature characterizes the behavior of GOD. Therefore, if Mother Nature forgives we can say that GOD forgives. Careful examination of the behavior of Mother Nature undoubtedly showed to me that Mother Nature never forgives. There are only two options with Mother Nature, reward or punishment. If you observe the laws of Nature accurately you get reward in the form of success and if not then, surely a punishment in the form of failure. For example, airplane flies successfully so long as the rules of aerodynamics observed with great accuracy but one minuscule mistake and the plane crashes. The Mother Nature has no mercy. There is no in between and so if we want the Mother Nature to favor us, we have to follow its rules without mistake. For those who do not follow rules of Mother Nature, there is no mercy. By observing several examples, I came to this conclusion. We must understand that, priests to cajole the fearful faithful invented the concept of mercy. I am sure if these priests of all religions tell their faithful the fact that god does not forgive they will lose all their hold on them and that will be the end of that religion.

Does God forgive?

Considering god is Mother Nature, we understand by corollary that God also never forgives. If you do badly, you must pay for it by the way of punishment. If you do well, you must get good in return and that is true law of God. The via media, priests developed, is idea of pardon, so that they can make some money. Nature never pardons and so we should understand that this is the way priests fool the faithful by propagating about god that it pardons. If we understand for sure that, there is no pardon; we shall behave more carefully and make no mistakes but then the business of priests suffers and that is why they always tell people that you can do any sin but then come to me and perform the ritual and god shall pardon. The business of religion prospers. Priests make their money and ordinary people keep doing wrong things. Sinners are the main customers of these priests. Very often priests frighten the gullible individuals by threatening that if they do not perform the ritual as per their guidance, god shall punish! This is the corollary of the idea of pardon. This is the way priests keep on fooling ordinary people to hold on them firmly and continue their business. I have seen priests making jokes, on faithful followers about the way they trust the claims priests make on god, in their private conversation. Interesting part in this observation is that god of religions is different from the GOD of Mother Nature.
Selling god –

The god is commodity that these priests of religions market. Many examples of the various marketing strategies I have noted during my study of this subject. Other gimmick we see these priests indulge in is miracle, this they need to prove to the gullible faithful that the priest is in constant communion with god. He performs the miracle just because he has special favors of the god. Most miracles found to be handy work of some sort of trick and nothing else. Miracles are essential to keep the faithful in proper control. Almost all religions encourage this strategy to control their followers. By performing miracles, they show to the faithful that they are different from the other ordinary folks because ordinary people cannot do that. Priest of different types have varied styles to impress the faithful. Threatening, terrorizing, blackmailing, impressing by magical acts, false promise are most common methods they use.

Need of religion –
Why people need a religion at all was the question I was working on. I realized that fear in the mind of persons for the unknown makes him/her accept the concept of god and the rules of ethics woven around that concept compose the religion. One other need of people stems from the guilty conscientiousness people harbor when they do something bad. They need some redress from the effects of that bad deed. Priests help in that by suggesting that submitting to the god of his religion through him shall help them and that these erring people accept very willingly and the religion gets strong footing in that society of erring people. A large part of any society is made of such erring people and that settles the religion and its priest in that society. Later on, the religion of the people becomes their identity and when they conquer other people, they impose their religion on the conquered people to impress upon them. This often done by compulsion and we have ample stories about that in our history books. Priests of that religion continue to propagate for their religion in the newly conquered society and attract erring people from that society. This they do probably through sermons they give there and explain how submitting to that religion through the priest shall help them. They also tell listeners repeatedly that they are conquered by these outsiders because the god of them is superior to the god of the defeated society. The process of brainwashing thus continues probably with great results and that religion supersedes the previous religion of the defeated society. By imposing religion of one society on other society, they attempt to destroy the identity of that society because an identity of a society is their customs and culture. Religion carries with it the customs and culture of the foster society who has conquered the other one. This strategy makes controlling the other society very easy since the conquered society has lost its identity by accepting the alien religion along with its culture, customs and even traditions. Excellent example we have is of Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Hinduism and Buddhism religions these people practiced before the advent of Arab conquest. After Arabs conquered them, Arabs imposed their Arab religion on them by ruthless compulsions in the name of Allah. After many centuries these people have totally forgotten their original religion and with that the customs and culture of their ancestors. Today things are in such a sorry position that, these Pakistanis and Afghans now disgust their own original identity and cherish the identity of the conquerors, the Arabs. This happens because today their ego is attached with Arab identity and not with their own original identity. They are today proud of Islam and hate religions of their ancestors Hinduism and Buddhism. Islam has become an integral part of their ego. This one example abundantly shows how religion helps the conquerors in establishing their control through the religion. That also shows how religion is a tool for conquering other societies.

More on this subject I shall share with you in the next posting.

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