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Business of Religion - part 2

Marketing of a religion -

We see in the Christianity, they call Christ a shepherd and the faithful as ship; this comparison shows that since the beginning the advocates of these religions knew what they are doing. This metaphor shows that the priest is the shepherd and the followers are lamb. Apparently, this may look very innocent way of expressing the duty of the priest but the callousness becomes clear if we see to that in that perspective. The callousness is in condemning the faithful as lamb!

I realized after much study that this business of religion is the need of people and so far people want to be fooled this business of religion shall continue. However, I noticed one very interesting thing about the priests of these religions. This becomes very obvious when two priests of two different religions are engaged in the attempt to drag folks to their religion. I have seen some catholic priests from Kerala (in India) advocating to the ordinary folks that their God is better than the God of other religion is. This reminded me of a market competition where salesperson of one cloth mill was advocating to the customers that the cloth of his mill is better than that of the other mill. Condemning gods of other religion is the common strategy of most priests. Over a period, religion becomes part of believer’s pride and then matters become easy for the priests to manage them. The followers of that religion eventually join the priests in condemning gods of other religions. According to science of psychology human being is protective of his ego; whatever is attached to that becomes part of that ego and then the person continues to identify him/her with that thing, whatever it may be, a religion, a language, nation, community almost anything. This principal becomes applicable in this case; and people who have attached their ego to a religion begin to behave very possessive about it.

This clearly shows that for these priests all gods are not the same entity but different. Therefore, we should understand that a god of a religion is a proprietary thing and that god is not the God that true spiritualists talk of or the God that our sciences can accept. True spiritualists insist that, there is only one Almighty, but when we see these religions and teachings they profess, we have to accept that that god of that religion is not the Almighty of the true spiritualists. A spiritualist told me that if somebody says, his god is better than any other god is; then know for sure that he does not know what is true GOD. If we accept this observation, we have to admit that priest of religions do not know of the real God. This also explains that true spiritualism has no relation with any religions and that the spiritualism of which religions and their priests talk is pseudo spiritualism. All claims made by priests of these religions are false. Ironically, however, all priests of all religions insist that their god is the GOD, Almighty, and condemn other gods as pagan gods. In the last post, I have said that Mother Nature is the true impression of GOD and to understand the true GOD we should understand the working of the Mother Nature. We also know that to understand Mother Nature you have to study various sciences. This automatically leads us to accept that to understand true GOD we have to go through the path of science. In other words, GOD is a way to personify Mother Nature and that may be the reason why in Hinduism the GOD shown as female. The scientists have been trying to prove the existence of GOD but so far, they have not done it. We shall see the reason for that later in the discussion that follows.

When I studied Hinduism and the mythology thereof, found that several gods fight with each other while many gods join to form groups to fight other gods also call them demon or daytya (Demon) or pagan gods. This also better explained by the above given theory. Hinduism is collection of many ancient religions from the region that spread over ancient Persia and ancient India. The process of assimilation becomes clear from the stories in the Puranas (Hindu mythology). Over the period, these local religions belonging to several different tribes merged into one mega system, what today we call Hindu religion or Hindu religion-family. This also explains why we have so many gods in this religion. Today people worship all these gods with equal respect not knowing whether the god they worship belonged to their tribe (ancestors) or not. The feeling that we are of different tribes has disappeared altogether. However, priests of these different religions do not seem to have forgotten and so we still have cults professing a particular god above other in that cult. For example, Shaivaites prefer Shiv or Shankar as the prime God, Vaishnavaites prefer Vishnu and so on. This mentality of priests, commonly Hindus refer to as Brahmanism. General public of Hindu religion do not bother for the propaganda of these priests (Brahmans) and continue to worship all of them on par. This mentality of Indians has saved this religion for all these years. This had caused existence of many cults in the Hindu religion-family. Today we see Hindus wanting to pray for Christ and also Allah on par with other established gods. If this process continues and I know that it shall continue, we shall see that Christianity and Islam will gradually merge into the mega Hindu religion-family. I feel this is a specialty of Indian people that they can merge various religions with ease. In no other place in the world, we see this merger, taking place. In all other religions, they aim at destroying other religions after conquering that tribe. Preachers of Islam and Christianity in India are trying their best to separate their religions from the process of merger but I do not see any success they get. Unfortunately, I also notice that Brahmans are also trying to discourage this process by talking of things like Ram Jama Bhoomi and such many things. Finally, these two religions shall merge as all other merged and we shall have Hinduism with two more gods and that is all to happen in the near future. This process of merger deserves some elaborate observation to understand it. Hinduism is a melting pot of all religions. Or you may call it master solvent of all faiths. After melting, what remains is refreshed new Hinduism! This process of refreshing and remolding of religion, not found in any other religion. We see that in all other measure religions this process of evolution does not exist. In other religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, also, we see cults but they exist because at, some point of time back in the history, priests of that religion deferred amongst them and broke apart. After that separation, each group began to propagate for their cult and we see different cults immersing from that. This we can explain as the effect of business rivalry amongst the groups of priests in sharing the faithful. We see these cults fight with each other to establish their hold on the people while they use the same god to attract the faithful. Best examples we see is that of Sunni and Shia cults in Islam, Protestants and Catholic in Christianity. Interesting enough, we also see that they try to convert people of one cult to other cult within the same religion. The vehemence with which priests of one cult tries to convert is remarkable. This eventually exposes the fact that these religions are business proposals. Protestants hate Catholics and Catholics condemn Protestants. Sunnis want to kill Shia and Shia want to annihilate Sunni. Where is solemn religion in them; we cannot see.

When you will study any religion, please take note of these things and examine that religion as a tool for the conquerors. You will have a very different picture before you of that religion. We often take a religion emotionally, however, take it with logical precision without getting any emotional and we shall get a very different picture of that religion. You may distinguish gods of these religions and in that; you will see the identity of the foster society who spread that religion. Most Europeans do not know of their original religion that the conquering Church of Rome destroyed. If they realize that they had a beautiful tradition of their truly European religion they will come to know how an alien religion can do damage to any good faith by merely conquering them. When I studied the propaganda of the Church of Rome against the original religion of the Europeans, it clearly showed to me that they condemned that religion for something in it while the same things were continuing in their Christianity. The Church condemned their gods as pagan gods, vis-à-vis Christ. One should understand, that could be said of Christ as well! Who decides what god is pagan and what god is not? Today these Europeans are spreading the religion of their yesteryears’ conquerors. All these things make me wonder how a human society a religion can change for the better of for the worst. History is full of episodes detailing how different religions through their priests caused killing of innocent people in the name of their god! There is enough record of Cruelty of priests in history and in spite of that, they claim to talk and preach of peace, mercy and compassion and in the name of that god! Jesuit Xavier whom The Church of Vatican declared a saint had killed (burning them on a fire lit on a big pyre) thousands of Hindus and Chinese to forcibly convert them! This is the business of religion. AlQaeda and many Ulema continuously claim of preaching the Islam as the symbol of peace; all know their killing. With all that, they say Islam means peace! To add to AlQaeda are now Islamic State, killing Shia because they are not accepting Sunni cult, while both are Islamic as they claim!

The smart persons (they are the prophets of those religions) of the bygone period, invented religions we practice today, but that was the need of those ignorant people who were afraid of Mother Nature. At present, we know Mother Nature better by the development of sciences; so what is the need for these religions in today’s context? Do we need miracle maker priests? We have magicians to fill the gap and replace them; do not you agree? Today, instead of a religion based on some fantastic notions (myths) we should accept sciences such as spiritualism, moral science, Yoga and ethics. Leave customs and ensuing culture to the people as per their choice. Religions of today are like spent batteries, who do not give any power. They only create problems for peace loving people.

Whenever scientists try to establish relation between science and God they fail to do it because most scientists are from Christian or Jew background. Those gods, as we have seen, are proprietary gods belonging to those religions with their pseudo philosophy and equally pseudo spiritualism. When true GOD represented by not any religion but only Mother Nature replace them, we can see a clear relation in science and GOD. This makes it easy to understand the relation between true spiritualism and science. Only Mother Nature represents true GOD that, never found in any religion. Amongst all religions, I saw that only Hinduism refers to this relation between Mother Nature and GOD. All other religions are nothing but business of those priests. We consider for a while, that if priesthood removed, what will happen of that religion? That religion shall cease to continue. There are many examples to prove this in history. Many ancient religions were lost as the priesthood professing that left that religion. Example in point is of Roman religion. As the Roman rule was demolished by marauders from North Europe, destroying power of Caesar; priests of Roman religion surreptitiously grabbed new found faith of Jesus and formed their Church of Rome and their interpretation of Christianity. They wrote Bible of their choice. Their business has flourished that we see today! This shows that a religion without priesthood is not possible. In this regard, we will see Hinduism appears to be an exception to this rule because even when Brahmans stopped performing, the people of Hindu faith continued without them. We shall see more on business of religion in next post.

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