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Business of Religion - part 3

In this post, I want to show how priests of religions show their hatred for other competing religions. I have noted while studying this subject, the hatred these priests show for gods of other religions is noteworthy. A few examples I give here to explain the gravity of that hatred. A few years in the past when famous Jesuit Nun, Mother Teresa, was very active, she had called a gathering for people and in that, she wanted to preach Christianity. The place selected was a local school, managed by some Hindu organization. The purpose of selecting this place was obvious. She wanted Hindus to attend her sermon. As the place belonged to Hindu organization there in every classroom on both sides of the blackboard there were two frames depicting Hindu deities. One was of goddess Saraswati (goddess of knowledge) and the other was of Ganapati (other goddess of intelligence). When she entered the classroom she saw the two frames of Hindu deities, I was present there, as I wanted to attend that sermon. She frowned profusely and called her assistant nuns to remove them immediately. However, the authority of the school who was accompanying her objected to do that. Mother Teresa realized that she could not remove them. The way she reacted on that clearly proved to me, how much hatred she has for these deities of other religion. After the school authority, who was accompanying her left the room, she hinted to her assistant nuns that they turn the frames so that the backside comes up and the picture goes back. Technically she had not disobeyed the school authority! After they did that, she looked very pleased. Let me tell my readers here that there is a popular belief that Teresa did only serve old and dying people; actually she was also busy simultaneously, preaching the gospel to people impressed by her charity. This clearly shows that her service to poor and needy was a tool to touch gullible Hindus and then to try to do what she would like to do!

Recently there was much row over Mr. Bhagwat of RSS accusation that, Teresa's social work was hinting at conversion but as per my observation Mr. Bhagawat is not far from truth. These Christian missionaries try all very subtle methods to appease the gullible. Mother Teresa was master in that method. We must understand, no priest works for anything else but religious purpose. If Teresa was not interested in religious conversion as her inner most intent, why she does not accept other Hindu missionaries to join her in that work why it is kept as an exclusive hold of only Christian nuns while they do accept funds from Hindu charities? Simpletons like Arvind Kejriwal can be easily fooled by them. I also have a question for Mr. Bhagwat; why his RSS does not open similar service to poorer than the poorest? Present talk that Teresa only wanted a Hindu to be better Hindu and a Christian to be a better Christian and a Muslim to be a better Muslim is only an eyewash, smart cover up. As per my study she never ever had said anything like this. This is a quote from a saying by a Sufi saint, Alam Raza. They stole it to show that Teresa is a great person. A priest is always a priest and Teresa was one priest not exception to this rule. Humanism is no business of these priests. Only under cover of humanism they continue their conversion activities. Mother Teresa was no exception to this rule.

One more example of Catholic Nuns from Kerala I wish to record here to show how these priests hate other gods. Some time back a group of Nuns accompanied by their assistant men entered a village near a place around Kalyan city. There these nuns entered houses of poor villagers forcibly and began to tell them that what a bad condition they live in. Why their Hindu god does not help them improve there condition? The villagers were fully aware of the fact that there poor condition had nothing to do with their gods but they did not reply. On that, these Nuns forcibly removed the photo frames of those gods from some houses of villagers and threw them out on streets. There was a big social agitation and after that, the villagers beat up these Nuns. While these Nuns evicted from that village, they were shouting that their god, Christ, the son of god, could save them and give them better life. However, that did not have any effect on the villagers because, the villagers were fully aware of the fact that the next village having a sizable population of Christians was as poor as they were. In India, we have many events where people have thrashed the Nuns and priest of Kerala because they insulted Hindu deities. Ironically we see media giving wide publicity for the news that a Kerala nun was thrashed, of a priest killed but the same media is not giving publicity for the reason why they were thrashed or killed. If there they tell that, why, will be answered. This shows how much they hate gods of other religions. I heard from some reliable source that in the Church clergy specially brainwash students and inculcate hatred for other religions and their gods. In Mosques also similar training, they give to their faithful. It looks from this that to hate gods of other religions is the common practice amongst these priests. We have many examples of Ulema (High priests of Islam) destroying temples of Hindu deities during Muslim rule. The notorious Mogul Emperor Auranagzeb has destroyed and changed many temples of Hindu deities to mosques. We also see similar behavior of Brahmanic priests towards other gods. Often they try to hide behind Hindus and continue their vociferous activities and that maligns good name of innocent Hinduism.

One example from the Hindu priests I want to note here. These priests are Brahmans. They profess for a particular god and they hate other Hindu gods! This example is from South Indian village. In south India, there are two sects of Brahmans one called Iyar and other Iyangar. Iyar worship Lord Shiva and Iyangar worship Lord Vishnu. There are many instances recorded in the past, showing the Iyar preaching against the Vishnu god of Iyangar and visa versa. Many riots have happened amongst these two sects on these issues. We often confuse between Hindu and Brahman. Hinduism and Brahmanism are two separate religions. It so happened that sometime in the ancient period Hindus did not have any priesthood worth the name. Over a period, a king Janaka introduced the practice of priesthood to help people perform various sacramental traditions. In early period, everything was working properly but as time passed, many wrong elements entered into this priesthood and they converted this simple tradition in a regular business. Today what we see as Brahmanism is a totally perverted separate religion of these Brahmans, much different from the original Hinduism. However, Hindus continue to practice their religion and also call these professional priests to perform certain sacraments. Due to this complication, these Brahmans continue to talk of Hinduism but work for their Brahmanism. This often misleads other people and they think that Brahmanism is same as Hinduism. The misunderstanding continues to fool many intellectuals also. Actually, callous Brahmans encourage that misunderstanding for their advantage. For a serious researcher to understand this difference in these two separate religions is very important. There are many similarities in these two religions, same as the similarities we see in Christianity and Judaism. Many different religions stemming out of the same origin have these symptoms. As we know that, Christianity and Judaism are very different religions one can still callously pretend to talk on behalf of one while actually working for the other. This happens when Brahmans talk of Hinduism but intend to profess Brahmanism.

This subject of Business of Religion is not small enough that I can complete it in a few postings however, I have to write on other current topics and so more on this, I shall write in the future. I shall cover the economic and political aspect of this business in due course. That part is very interesting to reveal. Many secrets I intend to expose of this business of Religion.

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