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Why Muslims had sweeping victory in India

When I studied history of medieval India, observed that the invading Muslims conquered the country as if, “came, saw and conquered”, as the great Alexander said. Prior to that in early history we see that outside invaders were not able to even enter into the mainland India, Emperor Alexander’s invasion we can show for that matter as an example. So, what was the reason? Many Muslim historians give credit to the blessings of Allah to the invading army of the Muslim but as I do not believe in such illogical explanations, I wanted to find out what had gone wrong so that they could win all wars with Hindu rulers so easily.

At that time, Afghanistan and a measure portion of present day Pakistan was observing Buddhi religion. In mainland India, Jainism and Hinduism with Brahmanic control were the important religions. Buddhism and Jainism professed non-violence and under that, influence people of those areas had become very non-violent and continued a life of peace and stability. They prospered due to trade that passed through those areas. Chinese merchandise passed through Afghanistan (this is silk route) to the west and that trade was their main activity, while Indian merchandise was passing through Sindh and other parts of Pakistan. How Buddhism destroys capacity to defend, we see today in Tibet. If you are a Buddhi or Jain, these religions deprive you of your capacity to defend yourself and as a result, any body can conquer you. This is the measure defect of these two religions.
When Mallick Amber invaded Afghanistan, he received practically no resistance from the local people, as they were not prepared for such an eventuality. Mallick Amber conquered that region with his crowd of hooligans (they were called gazwa) and established his religion perforce on the defeated people of that place. He converted those people to his religion and infused in them the policy of violence that is the main principle of Islam. They in turn spread the religion to other parts in the same violent way. That means the victory of Arab soldier was due to the Buddhi religion and its non-violence principle and not because the Arabs were any big fighters. Similarly, in India Jainism made passage easy for the Muslim marauders. During that time many kings from the north India supported Jainism. Many even did not have any army worth the name!

Amongst the Hindu rulers, the problem had different connotation. Here the Brahmanic control was the problem. Brahmans were all out to demoralize the warrior clans generally called Kshatrya. The method they used was very callous. In that, whenever in any battle between two Kshatrya clans any one as gets defeated, the Brahmans would declare that defeated clan Sudra (servant class). Brahmans were the holders of priesthood and so their commands or decree was binding on all and so the defeated clan would submit to that declaration and accept the insult of becoming servant class or sudra which is the fourth class in Hindus as per Brahmanic order (Bhagwatgita order is different).

Kshatrya class had distinction for holding some privileges. They had right to posses weapons and hold them, right to learn all fighting skills, right to learn scriptures and other disciplines, riding horse and to possess one, to own and also drive the chariot, to wear a specific head gear that indicate that the person is a Kshatrya. They were supposed to boast a beard and mustaches. They dressed in crimson or yellow colored silk attire. They could possess servants and slaves. They had right to learn many subjects and be proficient in them. They can have property of land and farms. They were called Dvija (द्विज) on par with Brahmans. Most importantly, they were having a right of vote in the court of the King. Guru Nanak reintroduced this Kshatriya order in his religion, that was called Sikhism in Punjab. That helped stop further progress of Islam in India. Guru Nanak did not invent any new religion, he only reestablished Kshatrya order; very few are aware of this. A careful study of how Guru Nanak kept Brahman from his order of Kshatriya reveals why he introduced praying of a Book in place of an idol; a novel idea indeed. Had he reintroduced any idol worship surely Brahman priests would get into it and their hold on Sikhs would be established. In Maharashtra this dress code was in practice and that becomes evident from the dress of Lord Shivaji. In history we observe that Brahmans were trying to demoralize Kshatriya by various means and when some Brahman began to hold power as kings this desire to destroy Kshatriya initiative became more intense. This one sided rivalry was primarily responsible for marginalizing of Kshatriya cult. Make way open for foreign powers to enter into Hindustan.

On declaring them Sudra, all above given privileges were lost to them and instead they had to do following things. A Sudra must go to work on the farm as servants in the houses of Brahman and also Vaishya (Trader class). They had to do all menial jobs and could not demand any rights. In other words, a Sudra was similar to a slave.

Over the period, the Brahmans demoralized many Kshatrya having been defeated from battles with rival clans by declaring them Sudra. As a result, when Muslim marauders attacked, there were hardly any well-trained warriors in the country to defend it. India and Hindu nation was lost to the invaders. If you read the accounts of how temple of Somnath, Mohammad Gazni looted, you will know what a pathetic condition Hindus had.

My further research showed to me that the Sudra of North India (from Punjab to MP) are from Kshatrya clans of Jats, Yadaw, Greco-roman, and Hun. In the western India the Sudra are from the Kshatriya of Lohana, Jat, and Greco-roman. Today, we know Bhangi and Ddhed, in Gujarat and Rajasthan are actually Lohana, Jat and Greco-roman Kshatriya. Greco-roman are descendants of Alexander’s army, they were gradually absorbed into the Hindu system as Kshatrya. Present Hindu system was being formed during the time after Alexander’s invasion.

In Maharashtra, the Mahar was the indigenous Kshatriya clan and the Brahmans of Satawahan rulers (Deshastha Brahman) fooled them to become Sudra. I do not know of Sudra of South India but I feel there also story cannot be any different. Today measure population of India is made of the Sudra who are actually Kshatrya. Unfortunately, due to neglect of many centuries they have forgotten their real value and have accepted the present status. Nevertheless, many Kshatrya embraced Islam during that rule and abandoned Hinduism. Most of the Muslims of north India come from that type they are mostly Yadaw and Singh. In Gujarat, we see Lohana and Jats taken to Islam to get away from Brahman atrocities. Brahmans were responsible for the invasion and conversion of many Hindus to the alien religions. British Raj stopped that process by destroying importance of this callous community. If I say it was British rule that saved Hindus from atrocities of Brahmanic supremacy, it will not be any overstatement. I have not done any facts finding of regions in eastern and north-eastern part of India.

This research shows that the country lost freedom to the outsiders because of Brahmans and Jains and their callousness. Today things are different. The British Raj demoralized Brahman forces in their own coin. If we carefully observe we see that most of all so-called freedom fighters were from this callous Brahman community. Generally, British government better looked after common persons in India, so they had no resistance to them. All Hindus and Indians should thank God that British came to rule in India and for saving them from the inhuman behavior of Brahmans. Today Brahmans have no such sweeping powers any more however, they are lurking in the shadows in new forms such as BJP, RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and many more sundry sobriquets. I will not be surprised if they get a chance, may again bring their foolish order and begin to harass Hindus once more. Bad part of the story is that most Hindus are as yet, not aware of this danger from Brahmans.
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