Saturday, June 20, 2015

Famine, physical and metaphysical explanations - 1

We are going to experience a famine condition never seen before. Many so called expert come with their respective opinions. Recent typical excuse of which now I am really weary, that I am talking of El Nino. Now experts have begun to admit that there is no such thing as El Nino effect on our monsoon.

IMD, Indian Meteorology Department, has admitted that this is second subsequent season of low monsoon. They have decried all assessments of monsoon. Some experts say rain will be about 85% while other some suggest that rain will be abut 93% all these appraisal of rain are not going to fool farmers any more. Last year also we had such many appraisals about rains but they did not come true. This is turning out to be like election predictions! These so called experts keep on giving these stupid estimates about rain all the time but now nobody wants to believe them any more. After famous or notorious El Nino effect in Pacific ocean now these experts are coming with one other excuse to justify low rain fall. This is about warm winds on Indian oceans. Actually during these seasons of summer there will always be warm air winds. If anybody ask them what if there are no warm winds, how the rain will be? I have studied many such reports and to my surprise these reports do not make any sense. Some times I wonder, what must be the true reason?

Droughts after droughts are going to upset our government's financial plans seriously. We notice that rain is not coming on time when required but they keep coming in the most unexpected manner creating serious situations for farmers and all concerned. We all know that whatever the meteorological reason, all these questionable explanations are beyond reach of humans and even if we believe that they are the real reasons we cannot remedy it; so why are we wasting our time in inventing out such excuses. I feel we should not waste our time on such senseless predictions. Is there any way by which we may be able to control nature and bring rain in our control. In view of this I investigated this matter. Here in this post and subsequent, I want to share my findings with my readers. Worst of all is the gimmick of artificial rain; all attempts to make artificial rain by sprinkling silver iodide crystals or common salt on rain clouds have utterly failed but our government wants to spend tax payers money on these experiments even though they know that it is not going to work. Trying to make a few crores out of it and loot taxpayers. Robers among the politicians with bureaucrats make money by such gimmick almost every type there is dry spell.

One friend of mine who is practicing mystical yoga of Shakta ideology told me that believe him or not but the reason for these worsening of rain and other natural calamities is due to some super natural or metaphysical cause. He told me that we have stopped giving meat offerings to many deities for many years and since that the trouble of rain irregularity has set in. Dear readers, please do not laugh away this suggestion; he further explained to me why Mother God, such as Amba, Chandika, Tuljabhavani, Ekwira, Jivdani and many more versions of Mother God or Mother Nature there are thousand mentioned, need offerings of meat. The reasons are based on Shakta ideology which are different from Vedic, which Brahmans practice. Presently none of the temples are equipped with true Shakta temple priests, Shakta priests come from Kshatrya families and not Brahman. they are all replaced by Vedic priests who are actually not supposed to do that work as priests in temples of Mother God. We know it is business in priest practice. Shakta priest are not available as their tradition had been terminated for many years and so these Vedic priests have taken over the job. These Brahman priests are not actually qualified to do the worship of these deities. Asking a Vedic priest to manage temples of Mother God is similar to asking a Muslim Mullah to manage a temple of Mother God! As a result many wrong practices have been in practice in these temples. All these irregularities are responsible for present environmental situation as these forces who are appeased through these prayers and offering only can control these natural forces, he concluded.

I asked him some questions after that and I want to share that information with my readers here so that they may be able to understand what is Shakta teaching in it, that may help us resolve this natural problem. We shall continue on this topic in next post.

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