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Defects of Hindus

Now we shall see defects of the Hindu society which allured and compelled Brahmans to exploit it to grip this ignorant community and finally could successfully override the Hindu religion (Manav religion) and almost replaced it by their Brahmanism. Here we see the Brahman methodology while dealing with Hindus. It all began ever since the temple culture flourished (forth century onwards) and Brahman became the sole supervisor on all Hindu activities. Primarily, Brahman was a temple priest only, but as Hindus began to call them to perform other sacraments at their homes, this priest community gained confidence and the whole trouble commenced from that onwards.

Most devastating defect of Hindus is they earnestly prefer to remain illiterate. Being illiterate Hindus depended on whatever Brahman told them and followed that but in many cases we see that Hindus are guided by their tradition. That tradition has kept it alive in spite of all the attempts of the Brahman to replace it. All these traditions of Hindus are based on the Shakta cult, that is the original of Hindu philosophy. We can say, luckily, Hindus always prefer to accept their traditions than the advise by Brahman. When we see the history of these religions one sees that whenever strong resistance Brahman encountered from any Hindu community they either tried to assimilate it by giving them some sort of Brahman identity, this method has caused formation of many different Brahman communities. Not all are allowed to work as priests though. For example, in Maharashtra we see many minor Brahman communities such as Shenvi (originally trader community now they call GSB), Devednya (originally artisan, goldsmith community), Kudaldeshkar (originally Vaishya).

Most important amongst them all is Chitta pawan (originally Parshuram Kshatrya) these people are the descendants of the army of an ancient king called Parshuram. The mythological episode says, when Brahman were challenged by the Krantiveerya community of Kshatryas they asked this king Parshuram to annihilate them and stupid enough he did it fighting almost 21 wars. Finally these Krantiveerya community was vanquished. Parshuram wanted some appreciation from the Brahman community but they did not do it and so he got very angry and roared, on that one frail and very old Brahman rose and mumbled, “There still one alive and that could be a problem”. On hearing this Parshuram realized that Brahmans exploited him to destroy Krantiveerya. He was so much ashamed that he left the place leaving behind his army. It is believed that after that Parshuram never showed his face out of shame. After he left a new and very difficult problem Brahman community had to face and that was of the army of Parshuram. These people were not easy to fool; they warned the Brahman that if proper compensation is not made they will immediately kill all the Brahman. Brahman were very shrewd, they offered them to be called Chitta pawan (meaning converted) Brahman and since they were much harder than the Shenvi and other trader communities Brahman had to give them rights to perform the rituals also. Today we see a very unusual picture, we see these converted and other Brahmans are leading the flag of Brahmanism more powerfully than the original Brahman (they are called Deshastha in Maharashtra). The founder of RSS, present force of the Brahman was a Shenvi and many followers of this deadly and venomously dirty organization are from that and Chitta pawan communities. It is rightly said that the converted are more fanatic than the original. We see the proof of that.

See the example of Shenvi community, today they are called Gauda Saraswat Brahman (GSB) this change happened since 1933 when one leader of that community by name Talim created this new epithet on the line of Saraswat Brahman. Originally they were traders and even today most of them are traders, this community has very ancient history and that goes to the period of the Vedas. Originally they were called Shrenavika or simply Shrenii (Shenvi is ellipsis deform of these terms). Meaning is roaming traders. They moved in groups in caravans carrying merchandise from one place to other and selling it, would buy more from that place and carry it further. Some researchers say that these people are descendants of ancient Pani People mentioned in the Vedas. Pani People are supposed to be coming from the Crete islands in the Mediterranean Sea near Italy and they are mentioned in the Greek and Roman as Phoenicians. The arrival period is uncertain but they surely landed in Konkan (western coast of India) and settled there having married local traders called Bhandaris. So these people are the mix of the two most ancient communities. When, they challenged Brahman no body can say surely, but in the process Brahman gave them status of a Brahman community to keep them quiet, it is believed that it happened between the Smarta Brahman (Saraswat Brahman) who migrated from Kashmir along, with the help of these traders in this region of Karnataka and so they are called Gauda (minor) Saraswat Brahman. They belong to minor Brahman community since they do not have right to perform sacrament for a Hindu God. That means they cannot become priest.

Basic policy of the Brahman while dealing with confronting Hindus was to assimilate them as far as possible by offering them some minor Brahman status but when it is not possible they would use all their skills to destroy the resistance. History shows how Adi Shankara destroyed resistance of Jains, Buddhist and also Kshatryas. This was happening between the powerful and intelligent Hindus while with unintelligent Hindus the dealing was very simple. The effect of that we are seeing today.

As the records show the last attempt to assimilate intelligent and possibly troublesome element in the Hindus on large scale was found in the work of Dr. Hedgewar. He established RSS, spread its tentacles in all places and fooled many simpleton Hindus from many communities by promising them a status of Brahman. During RSS activities we see one more method Brahmans use to reduce resistance of dogged Hindus, in that Brahman will offer his daughter or sister to that Hindu to quell him. Here we see the shrewdness of the Brahman of using their women as an easy bait to trap a Hindu. As we all know Brahmanism treats women as pets and property or slave of men (as per Manusmrity) and so using them to subdue resistance from a Hindu is a very clever scheme. In spite of all efforts the idea has failed completely. This method of using women of the community to quieten opposition is found in many other communities among Hindus such as Rajput from Rajasthan.

At present we see that generally Hindus are getting educated and as they do it; all efforts of this cult of Brahmans will be lost and that it will finally be assimilated in Hindu society. The study of comparative religions shows that Hinduism has a superb dissolving power and could assimilate eventually all religions of the earth; after all this is the Manav Dharma and nobody should try to assimilate it. Measure problem with Hindu people is that they lack reading and writing culture as a result they even after taking education prefer to rely on somebody to advise and guide, this defect has been misused by Brahmans and they try to continue to hold them. Another important changeover we observe that most of the Brahman by community have lost interest in preserving Brahmanism and they themselves are more interested in Hinduism; this development shall ultimately cause the final debacle for Brahmanism. Ritualism the principal mainstay of Brahmanism is gradually loosing its attraction.

History shows that in the past Hinduism had absorbed many gods of many cults and assimilated them to make a monolithic structure of Hinduism. However ever since, Brahmanism has been trying to subdue Hinduism exploiting the stupidity of the Hindus; it is observed that the property of Hinduism, as a master solvent, has diminished. As a result later religions like Jainism and Buddhism and afterwards those came in India, Islam and Christianity could maintain their separate existence. But if Brahmanism is checked and not allowed to interfere with normal gait of Hinduism any more; sooner or later Hinduism shall come to its own and begin to assimilate Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Sikhism has been almost assimilated. In that case we Hindus shall have two more Gods, Jesus and Allah in the ever growing pantheon of Hindu Gods which has already absorbed all Jain Tirthankars and Buddha.

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