Thursday, July 9, 2015

Famine, physical and metaphysical explanations - 3

I asked him why a sacrifice is necessary?
On this question he told me, there are two types of worships. One for getting something from Mother God and other to merge with it by way of salvation. First worship is called "worship with intentions" or Sakam (सकाम), other type is without any intention of getting something, such worship is called "unintentional worship" of Nishkam (निष्काम). If devotee is interested in "worship with intentions", then sacrifice is essential. Whereas, if the worship is without any intentions (for salvation) then sacrifice is not required. Mostly people worship with some intention to procure something mundane and so sacrifice becomes essential.

After this discussion I asked him will that help improve the situation? He said to me, it will set things in order but to improve the situation offerings in temples must be resumed and so long as it is not done the situation will remain bad. To achieve that first Brahman priests should vacate and be replaced by appropriate type of priest. Only good part of these private meat offering at home is that situation will stop from getting worsened further but will not improve. such private offering should be done by as many devotees (the whole nation) as possible and if only a single devotee or a few of them do it that, will not suffice to stop deterioration in this situation. Another important thing we should understand is that, sanctum is purified by first salt water or sea water and then again washed by pure potable water to remove salt, same as meat is purifies and then regular prayers are initiated by properly qualified priest who eats meat. In Brahmanism purification of places is recommended to be done by cow urine, that is not acceptable to Shakta practice to which Mother God belongs. Only salt water or better still sea water is the one that can really do purification of things and that is why naturally we see sea is continuously washing away all sin from earth by its waves. Cow urine is waste material and so never use it for any purification of things; he warned me.

This discussion made me curious about the whole science of deities and I asked him more questions. We shall see them in my next post.

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