Monday, July 20, 2015

Famine, physical and metaphysical explanations - 4

दैत्य शक्ति or Satan has a play in this whole process. Godly powers and ungodly powers keep playing using Human as medium. After saying this my friend told me one secret about this cosmos. He told me that Satan always calls that he is God and he keeps on fooling humans using its biases. Shown here is Tantrik image of Mothar God. 
I asked him why Mother God or its Rakshas forces need meat as its food?
He told me that Mother God is often depicted as a woman but really speaking there is nothing like a woman in it. Artists portrait it as a woman with woman's body characteristics vividly shown it them. Mother God is called so because it is giving birth to everything in this universe. However, we forget to note that along with giving birth to everything it also destroys everything it has created. That means Mother God is a combination of both birth and death. He showed me a depiction of the Mother God and in that it had a big face with two eyes and a nose and below nose was an open mouth. There were no other parts of the body as of a human but immediately under the face there were two feet. He explained to me that Mother god is creating universe through its two feet and destroys it by devouring the creations by its mouth. Two palms are shown to show that it takes and gives. This is the most accurate depiction of the Mother God or Mother Nature if one wants to depict it. In this way creating and destroying goes on and that keeps the world working. After showing me this, my friend explained to me that destroying is as important as creating if the universe is to keep working smoothly. Destroying means death and killing. If there is no death there will not be any new creation. He told me killing an animal to do offering to Mother God is important due to this reality. However, this death or kill of an animal should be devoid of any passion such as pain or pleasure. If killing is done to appreciate this universal process there is nothing wrong but if these passions are involved in any way then that killing does not represent universal process. Because Nature's process of birth and death is devoid of any passion of pain and pleasure. Therefore, if killing is done either in front of the Mother God or elsewhere without any passions then that killing Rakshas accept as offering. Without killing even if meat is purchased and served as offering after purification that also implies that the devotee has honored the universal process of creation and destruction. Mother God is appropriately represented only by this acceptance of creation and destruction. If only creation is accepted that can cause imbalance in the functioning of this Universe. He told me creating this imbalance is the principle motive of Satan. Human is expected to represent balance and oppose imbalance. Process of purification is essential in that case because by that any passion involved in that killing is removed and it becomes suitable for offering. If a devotee offers vegetables there is no killing and so that does not represent the universal process and so Rakshas does not accept that offering and it goes waste. This is the reason why people of Satan (दैत्य शक्ति) insist to promote only creation and oppose destruction. My friend told me philosophy of nonviolence is designed by people of Satan to create this imbalance. You should understand that this universe works with violence and not peace, even creation is supported by violence. It is definitely an apparent paradox but that is the reality and Shakta insist to be with this reality.

I asked why in that case Vedic practice does not accept sacrifice? On my this question my friend began to laugh and he reminded me that during Vedas cow was offered onto the alter in fire worship of Vedic Aryans. Brahmans were sacrificing cow as the best sacrificial animal during those days but only as Jainism castrated Brahmanism during the period of Adi Sankar and Brahmans accepted subordinate position with regards to Jainism that they stopped giving offerings of meat to their deities. In the principal scripture of Brahmanism "Manusmruti" cow is shown to be the best sacrificial animal among other animals and birds. See Manusmruti 3:268-274. Actually ever since this discrepancy continues creating confusion in the minds of lesser intelligent knowledgeable people. This subject continues in next post. 

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