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Sheena Bora murder mystery

Sheena Bora murder case has become year's most hit news. Almost every news channel is busy telecasting more details of this murder case everyday. Police have prepared story of how the murder might have happened. Forensic experts however do not agree with that story.
In that story, police have presumed that Sheena was strangulated in car as soon as she was dragged in the car around 6:30 pm on 24 April 2012. After that, the dead body of Sheena was stuffed in a big bag and they imagine that the body was kept in a garage; the driver Shyam Rai was with that dead body for one night. In the morning as day comes up, probably around 8:30 am they drive that car to village Gangode Budruk in Pen district on way they purchased a few liters of petrol on a petrol pump on way. Their story suggests that along with the dead body of Sheena Bora her mother Indrani Mukerjee and her friend and ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna were sitting in that car in the rear seat. That time they had removed the dead body from that big bag and made the corpse to sit in back seat. The story claims that Sheena's lips were painted with lipstick to make it appear as if it is a model sitting in that place. On reaching Gangode Budruk in Pen district and predestined spot, around 1 pm at noontime, they removed the corpse from the car, took it down the gorge, and took it at the lower level where nobody may see it and then they poured petrol on the dead body and put it on flame. After that, they probably disposed of other things used by them to commit the crime. They come up and drive the car back to Mumbai where they return that hired car to its owner. Indrani accompanied the two with can of petrol in hand.
This story is not accepted by forensic experts on the point that the dead body goes into rigger mortise within a few (2) hours and it is not possible to reshape it during the period when rigger mortise is active. After 24 hours of death, this stiffening effect reduces and the body becomes flexible. That means if the body was stuffed in bag immediately after death it is not possible to remove it from the bag in the morning as the story suggests. In the morning, that body was in rigger mortise effect and making it in sitting posture as the story suggests is next to impossible. Other objection that the body should begin to stink but I do not agree to this. Corpse may begin to give out stink only after two days and not within 24 hours. However in most cases some fluid begins to ooze out from nostrils, how that was stopped? To stop it generally cotton balls are inserted in the nostrils. That cannot be covered by lipstick. Moreover, to put the dead body in a bag they have to stop the car somewhere and that was not possible that means the theory of bag being used is not feasible. I wonder why police have introduced bag in this story. They find no bag at the site where they found the remains of Sheena. I feel this story police have prepared on the basis of what the accused are telling them. It is absurd to make a story on the basis of such narrations. An accused is supposed to mislead the cop and exactly that they are doing, I am sure.
This means, at Court, this story will not stand and so as a result prime accuse Indrani Mukerjee can escape. Lack of convincing argument will help her get out of the clutches of law, insufficient evidence! That is the end of this case! I do not know why police is coming up with such a unintelligent story. It may be that a lot of money has changed hands and therefore, police is not interested in framing Indrani; this possibility we cannot rule out knowing their attitudes. Since there are no eye witnesses complete case depends on circumstantial evidence. To prove anything with that is not easy.
I have visualized story about how the murder took place. As per my story it so happened; at 6:30 pm Indrani dragged Sheena in her car and they drive it ahead. In car there, takes place a lot of altercation in the daughter and mother. While it was happening, Sanjeev Khanna took out an injection syringe and pressed needle in Sheena's thigh. He injects the intoxicant in her so that she goes unconscious. After that done, the car drives at its speed to Gangode Budruk in Pen. They purchased a few liters of petrol on a petrol pump on way. They reach the predestined spot at about 12:15 pm. It is dark but there is just enough light for the two accused, namely Shyam Rai and Khanna to enter gorge as preplanned; Rai was carrying Sheena on his shoulders and Khanna carrying a tin of petrol. Shyam Rai knew the spot well and he guided Khanna climb down. There they pour petrol on Sheena who was not dead but alive only in deep swoon. Khanna dumped syringe and other material there so that it may be destroyed in the fire. Fire was in that deep gorge and so the light out of it was not visible from the road. Indrani was sitting in the car and watching over what was happening. As everything was done as per plan, the two accused came out of the gorge and they began to Mumbai. As they reached Mumbai early morning, they returned the hired car to the owner. This story has no defect and so it will be accepted by forensic department. Court can accept this story as it is the only most probable line of action. In my story, no bag is involved. Application of lipstick is also not necessary it is superfluous part in the story, why police in adding these unconcerned points?
This story suggests some possibilities such as Indrani and Shyam Rai were killing people in this manner and the process of killing was not new to them. Rai was knowing that place very well. We find more unclaimed bodies dumped in that spot; it may be that Rai was responsible for those murders also. We get news that FIR was filed against finding skeletons in that spot were destroyed by a police officer. That shows that that police officer knew about them and he was associate of those killings. The news also says that police officer destroyed FIR after he gets instructions to that effect from Home Ministry. From this, we can know the influence this woman is having in government. Inquiry of all these things if taken up more murders committed by Indrani and Rai will come out. We have to find out what happened to those persons Indrani disliked; did they vanish or whether they are living safely.
Since we are thinking of possibilities about how the murder took place there is one more option suggested by my detective friend. He has a different story to offer. He suggests that around 6:30 at Bandra in Mumbai Sheena boarded the car with her mother. Sheena complains about the presence of Sanjeev Khanna in the car nevertheless, sits next to him between Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna. Shyam Rai is driving the car. Sanjeev Khanna tries to molest Sheena in the meanwhile and to that both Indrani and Sheena object but Khanna continues his misbehavior. When Sheena begins to fight with him he hits her on her head in such a way that she collapses. To that Indrani objects and scolds him at that Khanna pushes Indrani out of car when it is stopped on a signal and at that Indrani is practically thrown out of the car. The car moves ahead swiftly with unconscious Sheena and Khanna, Rai driving the car. They take that car to a remote secluded place somewhere on way to Gangode Budruk. They stop the vehicle and repeatedly rape Sheena while she was unconscious. After they were satisfied they decide to kill her because while they were raping her she regains consciousness. Khanna again hits her and as she becomes again unconscious they take her to the spot and Rai carries her on his shoulders to the gorge, Khanna carries the petrol can and at the bottom of the gorge they burn her alive and she is dead. Here in the city Indrani returns to her house not knowing what has happened to her daughter. Khanna having received Sheena's mobile prepares SMS to Rahul and tells him that she is going to USA and will settle there with her friend and that he should not think of her any more. Then he prepares fake Email account of Sheena and sends messages on her behalf making things appear natural. After coming to Mumbai he and Rai return the vehicle to AM Motors and meets Indrani and apologizes for what had happened. Indrani also prefers to keep silent as she also had little interest in her daughter. Matter is settled. If this story Court accepts Indrani will be released and only Khanna and Rai will come in for trial. Indrani's acceptance of having killed Sheena, she will justify by telling the Court that she did confess for the crime out of fear for torture by police. This explanation Court generally accepts.
My question to police is that why they have not asked American government to find out if any person by name Sheena Bora is staying there or not. It is not possible to go USA without regular procedure. Indrani will have to explain the details of Sheena's going to America such as air ticket etc. Since she uses this argument with police to refuse that, her daughter was killed. It is essential that we try to find feasibility of this argument. Police should do it; they have not done it!
Other weak points in the case are about possibility of remains found in that gorge of being those of Sheena Bora. From the way police is handling this case I am sure this woman will escape clutches of law due to lack of convincing circumstantial evidence. Indrani has promised her daughter Vidhie that she will come out of this soon. Let us see how things turn out to be. Even if she comes out of it, she is sure to get divorce from her husband, Peter Mukerjee, soon after that.

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