Wednesday, September 23, 2015

To Narendra Modi, PM

Sorry to write that I am very much dissatisfied with this budget. FM clearly told us middle class tax payers that we fend our ways. He forgot that the base of his party is in middle class and to neglect its needs was one blunder for which this party is going to pay very badly in future. FM has introduced many investment schemes. My question is where is money to invest with MC? We are reduced to hand to mouth community by earlier regime and now we see Modi regime says to us go to hell. Removal of TDS facility for co-op banks is not a good idea. In fact I am advocating for total removal of personal income tax in order to stop creation of black money. However, my suggestion has been left unattended. Modi regime talks of bringing black money abroad but what about development of new black money every day in government and semi government and other places? There is no provision for that. FM says if one is found to posses black money he will be punished. This is a ridiculous idea. He thinks they are stupid and will be caught red handed. I have begun to feel our FM is in his dream world. We are going to suffer very badly because all expectation of this budget are going to fail to materialize. Nevertheless, if personal income tax was totally abolished the process of creation of new black money would have stopped, and that is more important than what trifle government expects to earn by this income tax. I have begun to feel Modi does not have truly intelligent people in his think tank. In addition to the fact that our economy will not lift up what may happen is BJP will lose its hold on people and that will benefit congress and that is why shrewd Chidambaram appreciated this budget! Enemy's appreciation is not a good think, Modi should be more watchful as more troubles are going to fall in the way of this government soon.
I wrote this letter to PM on 3rd march 2015, however, as expected I did not get any reply. After all, who am I? An ordinary voter! So why should anybody from that office bother to reply! After so many months I am putting it on my blog for my readers to give their response to my this letter to PM. I want to know if my readers approve of my suggestion to abolish personal income-tax altogether. You may send your reply on my email given below.

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