Thursday, October 29, 2015

Differences in Hinduism and Brahmanism - 2

Continues from the previous post -

5. Hindus do not consider Sanskrit as their original language while Brahman insists that Sanskrit is their original language and try to replace all other languages to impose Sanskrit over everybody. Hindus do not necessarily claim to be Aryans while Brahman always claims that they are Aryans. Presently we have heard of news that RSS people are trying to teach Adivasis in Maharashtra, Veda hymns. We have not heard of a Brahman performing puja of an Adivasi God “Badababa”. In the process these RSS people want to destroy Adivasi tradition which is a branch of Hindu tradition. This shows how Brahman is advancing on Hindu traditions to spread Brahmanism. The Adivasi God, Badababa is being gradually replaced by the Brahman god, Ram or Krishna; this is the process.

6. Hindus do not practice conversion of non Hindus to Hindus or endeavor to spread Hinduism whereas Brahman always tries to spread the Brahman cult to other people, their method involves use of hatred method to malign other religions to prove the superiority of Brahmanism. This is same as what Christian Church practices to spread Christianity in other people. One can see RSS literature and particularly speeches of Mr. Golwalkar and Hegdewar. One theory explains why Hindus do not indulge in conversion and that is, a true Hindu believes that, all humans when born are by natural law Hindus, so converting them is a preposterous idea as Hinduism is actually Manavism. In English we may call it Humanism.

The corollary of this is that a Hindu also cannot be converted to any religion but we see that due to sheer ignorance many Hindus consider themselves as converted to other religions. That is most unfortunate. The very establishment of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) was designed to convert all Hindus to Brahmanism however, they have failed.

7. Since Hindus respect all forms of Gods, they do not compare between gods whereas Brahmans compare between Gods and tell that their God is better that other Gods. For Hindus gods like Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Allah and any other form of God is equally venerable. Brahman will worship only Ram and Krishna and condemn other forms and would insist that Hindus also must do it. Otherwise they begin to threaten Hindus for dire consequences. Many stupid Hindus follow obey.

8. Hindus do not consider themselves as solely superior to all whereas Brahman insists that they are superior to all. Brahmans have declared them as Gods of the earth by calling themselves as Bhudev.

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