Thursday, November 12, 2015

Differences in Hinduism and Brahmanism - 3

Continues from the previous post - 9. Hindus do not believe in untouchability, save under influence of Brahmanism, whereas Brahmans insist on practicing this inhuman practice even today. See R.S.S handbook for that. RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sanatan Sanstha, Bajarangdal and such outfits are belonging to Brahmanic ideology though they pretend to be Hindus. All Brahmanic groups pretend to be Hindu and by that strategy continue to confuse observers; by this action they continue to malign Hindus.

10. Hindus do not have puritanical approach during social life whereas Brahmans insist on it. And force Hindus to comply by their mischievous orders, to which stupid Hindus accept without a question wise Hindus do not bother for such orders.

Here we observe that Brahman have a method by which they hold all strategic positions of power in the society and use that to force Hindus to do what they want to do. Ultimately, for any wrong doing; blame goes on Hindu society and Brahman hiding behind Hindus enjoys the fun. This reflects upon the bloodsucking nature of Brahmanism. Brahmans insist to represent Hinduism and try to propagate Brahmanism in place of Hinduism; one example is the world famous Hare Ram Hare Krishna movement. Actually Bhagwatgita is a Hindu teaching but Brahmans have hijacked it. The true book for Brahman is Manusmruti. Brahmans have in a way two types of teeth; teeth to show of Hinduism and teeth to eat of Brahmanism. While they talk of Hinduism in actuality they will spread Brahmanic customs. Double game as always, that is Brahmanic technique. Hindus do not indulge in such nefarious activities.

11. Hindus have caste system based on avocation (Kshatrya, Vaishya and Shudra) in the society. Brahman has only their own caste, save some differences, based on the Veda they practice such as Yajurvedi, Rugwedi, Samavedi, Smartha etc.

12. Hindus are by and large illiterate whereas Brahmans are usually not illiterate.

13. Hindus respect Brahman as priests in the temples whereas Brahmans hate and insult Hindus and do not miss a single chance to condemn Hindus. At the same time Brahmans want to grab Hindus and try to make them their slaves.

14. While Hindus are negligent about what tricks Brahmans are playing on them Brahmans are trying all tricks to control Hindus and oppress them.

15. While Hindus are unaware of the ulterior motives of them; Brahmans use the shoulders of Hindus to put their guns to attack other religions. In the process innocent Hindus suffer. Misunderstanding spreads that Hindus hate other religions. Brahman is enjoying the laugh on Hindus’ innocence.

16. Hindus do not have a particular method of worshiping the God whereas Brahmans have a very well developed elaborate manner and long running prayers to do that; that attracts Hindus and that way they call Brahman to perform the sacraments (puja) of the Gods and there is exactly where the Hindus fall pray to Brahmanic wile trap.

17. Hindus do not put any conditions on Brahman while Brahman puts all sorts of conditions on Hindus to entrap them in the Brahmanic fold. Brahman could do this because ignorant and simpleton Hindus request them to perform sacraments (puja) of their deities. Actually, according to true traditions of Hindus all pujas (sacraments) of deities must be performed by the host himself or herself. This is the point of action where Brahman take advantage and finally entrap the Hindu society in its grip.

This study continues in post on 30 November.

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