Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Differences in the two religions, Islam and Sufism - 2

Giving alms is not essential in Sufism, one may give, may not give, it is immaterial for the enlightenment of the inner spirit. While begging Sufi ascetics always utter, "One who gives be blessed by Khudaa and one who does not give be also blessed by Khudaa".

Sufism recommended Pilgrimage to the Dargas or mausoleum but Pilgrimage to Mecca not essential.

One person founded Islam by name Mohammad of Arabia. Sufism has no founder. This practice traces its roots to distant past of Turkey and Persia. Some recommend Maggi cult was origin of Sufism.
Islam disregards other religions and faiths. Sufism remains sympathetically indifferent to any faith or concerns with any.

Islam is based on fanatic preaching, Sufism preaching is not based on fanaticism. Hatred is the mainstream policy of Islam while dealing with other religions. Sufism rejects all types of hatred to any one or anything. In other words teeth to show of Islam are different from teeth to eat; Sufism has the same teeth both for show and eating.

Islam insists for acceptance of Arabic rituals and such practices of Arab people by all. In other words Islam is used to spread Arabic identity to other people and if they do not accept it they are tortured. Islam talks of love all the time but actually it encourages hatred.

Sufism respects rituals and such traditional practices of local people and does not insist for anything Arabic. Original Sufi are from parts of ancient Persian empire and they do not have any special concern for anything Arabic.

Islam recommends laws for ethics and morality called, Sharia.

Sufism does not have any such recommendations they believe in the consciousness of good values by the seeker.
Islam condemns singing. Sufism encourages singing devotional songs in praise of the inner consciousness or Khudaa. Kawwali is famous style of singing in India and Pakistan. Some Sufi orders engage in ritualized rumination ceremonies, Sema. Sema includes various forms of worship such as: recitation, singing (the most well known being the Kawwali music of the Indian subcontinent), instrumental music, dance (most famously is the typical Sufi whirling of the Mevlevi order), incense, meditation, ecstasy, and trance. All these practices are against the tenet of Islam.

Islam believes in killing antagonist with maximum cruelty. Sufism believes in winning over by love. Sufi reject any cruelty to other people on any pretext.

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