Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Origin of Roman Catholic Church – 9

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This is the most important side of this topic. I do not have any definite evidence but from other sources, one can visualize that as the Roman Empire fail the priesthood adopted the new trend very quickly and began to profess for a new religion around Christ or Jesus. The guilty consciousness that, they caused unnecessary torture on him had developed in them a certain amount of sympathy for him. There were no claimants for this new teaching and adopting it was the most convenient way to grab a new religion. The prophet of this new religion was not present on the scene that he may interfere, take objections, or correct them. The Church of Rome did not know that local authorities had allowed the followers of Jesus to release him from the cross; as such, they were probably under the impression that Jesus died on the cross and under this prejudice, they prepared their typical argument which the Church is using till today. The argument is that, "Jesus died on the cross for the sinners". That means, local authorities under General Pilate did not bother to inform Roman Church of that for reasons best known to him. Probably it may be, to keep this matter under carpet, so that through Roman Church anybody from Jewish priests would come to know the truth that, Jesus is alive and intact. If today Catholic Church of Rome accepts the fact that, Jesus did not die on cross but was resurrected from it by his followers and treated well to recover from the wounds of nails, it will be a big problem to them, as their typical argument that the Church is using for so many years will prove to be false. This argument is used by the Church for all these many years successfully to keep the flock together under its cloak. Church has also developed many stories about resurrection of Jesus from his tomb. The festival of Good Friday and many such things, all these will be exposed as being false stories imagined by fertile brains of Roman priests. To top that, they will have to cancel their symbol of Cross in many styles to represent Christianity. Cross became symbol because it is believed that Jesus died on Cross. They will have to invent some new symbol to represent Christianity if they now accept that Jesus did not die on the Cross. We note that almost all preaching is around the concept that Jesus died on Cross. Therefore, we should appreciate the awkward position in which these Churches (Roman, Eastern Orthodox and Syrian and other) are positioned against the truth. For that reason, it is not possible for the Church to accept this reality easily now. However, we do see that in some places Church is no more using plane Cross as symbol of Christianity but a sign of glowing star on a post is shown to represent Jesus. That clearly shows that Church is cleverly shifting itself form the cross in a very smart way. Soon Cross will be totally discarded and the glowing Star will probably replace it everywhere. Nevertheless, they cannot accept that Jesus did not die at that time but continued to live much longer in some far away land; Hind. There are stories of Jesus as he went out to Jerusalem and moved with his apostles, the authorities went on spreading the rumor that Jesus after dying returned from the heaven and so Jewish priests were kept from doubting the honesty of Roman police who had told them that Jesus was dead.

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