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Origin of Roman Catholic Church- 21

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Mathew 3:6-10, shows that John the Baptist wanted to give this oath for goodness only to Jews and did not favor giving it to none Jew converts to Judaism from other races such as Parsees and Sudanese. Jesus had never baptized a non-Jew in his life. That may be taken as there teachings were primarily intended to benefit only Jews. Obviously since, that teaching was to improve Judaism and not to create any new religion.

There is one other example in this regard and that is of Prophet Mohammad who refused to convert none Arabs to Islam but in later period, during Umayyad period, Arabs began to convert none Arabs. Roman Catholic Church did not practice this restriction of John the Baptist and Jesus and began to convert all people they came across. This was due to St. Paul as he began to convert non-Jews to Christianity by baptizing in Europe. When Jesus told his companions to preach his teachings to nations, he meant by nation, tribe or community. The word nations had a different meaning in those years. Mohammad also talked of Arab nations that mean Arab tribes. Today the meaning of this word has changed therefore, the confusion. We should take to the meaning of words as per time and place to understand it properly.

Today we see that in teachings of these Churches there is not much importance given to this principle of goodness but more to devotion to God and obedience to the papal order and power. By this principle of goodness, those who do not remain honest to principle of goodness are the sinners. Today Church more talks of pardon from this sin than insist to obedience to goodness. This shows that now the Church is more interested in increasing the hold of its power on its followers than trying to make them practice goodness or true teachings of Jesus. As if, Church wants people to indulge in not practicing goodness and become sinners and then they will be redeemed by the grace of Church. This behavior of the church is contrary to the very ethics of Christianity of Jesus. This also clearly shows that Christianity of Church is more interested in having as many sinners as possible so that they can talk of redemption. Jesus wanted his followers to be not sinners in the first place; whereas, Church wants faithful to be sinners. This is the measure difference in the two approaches.

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