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Origin of Roman Catholic Church - 68

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In my last post, I had suggested term Popians to mention Christians. This I say because what they teach in Churches is not what Jesus had told his companions in his teachings. What they propagate is what St. Peter and St. Paul and more of the line of Popes had told. They were not seers like Jesus. In this connection, more study shows me that former professor from Cambridge University, C. S. Lewis came to a startling conclusion about him that altered the course of his life. So who is the real Jesus? Many will answer that Jesus was a great moral teacher. As we take a deeper look at the world’s most controversial person, we begin by asking; can call Jesus merely a great moral teacher?

Even those from other religions acknowledge that Jesus was a great moral teacher. Indian leader, M. K. Gandhi, spoke highly of Jesus’ righteous life and profound words. Likewise, Jewish scholar Joseph Klausner wrote, “It is universally admitted … that Christ taught the purest and most sublime ethics … which throws the moral precepts and maxims of the wisest men of antiquity far into the shade.”
Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount has been called the excellent teaching of human ethics ever uttered by an individual. In fact, much of what we know today as “equal rights” actually is the result of Jesus’ teaching. Historian Will Durant, a non-Christian, said of Jesus that “he lived and struggled unremittingly for ‘equal rights’; in modern times he would have been sent to Siberia. ‘He that is greatest among you, let him be your servant’—this is the inversion of all political wisdom, of all sanity.” In my opinion, Jesus did not just talked of moral values but his intentions were to impress people then, to revolt against Jewish priesthood, which was subjugating common person. Jesus was a freedom fighter of his time not just a moral teacher! That ultimately caused his crusification!
The approach of one of America’s Founding Fathers, President Thomas Jefferson, differed in many ways from others. He cut and pasted a copy of the New Testament, removing sections he thought referred to Jesus as a deity, while leaving in other passages regarding Jesus’ ethical and moral teaching. Jefferson carried around his cut and pasted New Testament with him, revering Jesus as perhaps the greatest moral teacher of all time.
In fact, Jefferson’s memorable words in the Declaration of Independence were rooted in Jesus’ teaching that each person is of immense and equal importance to God, regardless of sex, race, or social status. The famous document sets forth, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …”
More we shall how teachings of Jesus differed from the teachings of Popes in the Roman Catholic Church.
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