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Origin of Roman Catholic Church - 67

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The question is did Jesus have anything to do with the central book called Bible? Did Jesus write that book? The word bible means originally A BOOK, same as the word Koran also means a book. That shows that in those days there were not many books and the only book was bible. Who wrote Bible? Historical evidence does not point at Jesus as a sole writer of that first BOOK. Many suggest that this bible was the aftermath of first book knows as Old Testament. This Old Testament was creation of some unknown authors, belonging to Jewish priests. Old Testament is actually recordings of stories from antiquity. They are considered as myths, not part of authentic history. New Testament what is known as Bible is also similar type of recordings of notations from unknown period. The authors of Bible are unknown person or persons. We do not know if it was written in one time by a writer or it is a contribution of many writers from different times. We should also find out what relation is there in old Roman religion and the New Testament stories. Most probably Bible is creation of some smart priests from Church and under guidance of Peter and Paul and may be more such smart persons these are written. There are some more pertinent questions those we have to study and they are about what relation is in Jesus and these stories given in Bible? At present, what teachings they give in Church is from the ideas established by people from Church and it seldom has anything to do with teachings of Jesus we see in Gospel of Mathew. Almost all that Jesus wanted to tell his people is recorded in that original gospel of Mathew. What more teaching we see is directly from the ideas Peter and Paul and many other officers of The Church thought. The trick of Key to Heaven is one more gimmick Church created to hold on simple people who were afraid of the unknown. That Key to Heaven was lost due to in fights among ambitious Popes and Kings from European countries. Today Church does not have that key to heaven, and then what does it have to offer the faithful?
This subject does not end here, more queries we have to work on to know more about this august body of Christian religion. We should know, whether the term Christian is correct in today's context? Alternatively, should we call it by some more appropriate term, Popians?

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Continues in the next post-
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