Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Origin of Roman Catholic Church - 71

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Several questions crop up when we think of these topics. If we see from Hindu angle, what Jesus was saying becomes of appropriate meaning since by Hindu thoughts we all are gods essentially. However, we have been overcast by our ignorance of this universal fact and so we begin to look around to see god somewhere else. Generally, it is presumed that Jesus was a Jew by faith. However, he never spoke his speeches in Hebrew; he was always speaking in Armenian tongue. That means he was not a Jew but an Armenian person. In those days both Jews and Armenians were located in the same place. This confusing issue is never addressed by any body. However, if accept that Jesus was an Armenian everything fits well about the animosity Jew priests showed to him. So much so that they forced Roman ruler to arrest him and crucify. This possibility that Jesus was not a Jew but an Armenian also explains many other happenings around him. We shall discuss them later.

Armenians did not have any religion of their own, therefore, they were habitually following Jews just the way Arabs were following Jew religion since they also did not have any specific religion of their own until Islam was established by Mohammad. That clears explains why Jesus was referring to Jew prophets. This conflicting situation was probably responsible for Jew priesthood showing hatred for Jesus. Jesus was talking to his Armenian followers and not Jews. At present, all study of Jesus and his time is guided by prejudices under Christian researchers. This has been happening about study of Islam also. I very much feel that impartial outlook be developed while studying these two visionaries, Jesus and Mohammad. Following observations may reveal many important aspects of this topic.

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