Monday, March 4, 2019

Satanic Islam -1

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I name this article, Satanic Islam because there is history behind that. If we should go into that history of Islam, you will understand why I named it that way. We all know that Islam was invented by one individual by name Mohammad, who was priest in the temple at Mecca. Therefore, he was also a recognized person amongst the native Arabs. During his tenure as priest in that temple of Mecca, it is said that he would get visions of some not explainable happenings. There are records of the description of those as told by his first wife. They are available in the collections of Hadith. She would say that Mohammad would behave as if he is seized by some weird thing not visible to anybody. During those happenings, he would say some verses and he would learn them by heart himself then reproduce them as messages of God. Gradually people began to gather around him and in this way, gradually this priest of temple at Mecca became a leader of those savage Arabs. Mohammad would say that he is getting messages of God through the agent of God called angel Gabriel.

There was a system of religion in that time amongst those native Arabs comprising of many gods and goddesses they were numerous. Mohammad rebelled against that belief and ordered his companions to destroy all those idols of about three hundred and sixty deities. He however, did not allow destruction of one god called Hubal save that all other gods were destroyed. That was accomplished by his cousin Ali at his raw age of fifteen. They believe Ali was the very first convert to Islam. Amongst Arab natives, there are about twenty tribes and they art called nations. Mohammad belonged to the priest community considered the highest in all Arab tribes. During this period frequently this Mohammad would get messages from his angel as per need would arise and gradually verses went on growing. His companions were learning them and they memorize that. Over a period, this process of compiling of verses reached a level when the teachings from his God had almost reached completion. That was a type of code of practice supposedly recommended by God Himself for Arabs only. Mohammad would repeatedly say that this code of practice is for only Arab nations and not other than Arabs. He would also repeatedly say that for others there are other religions and their other gods. All this was accepted as Gospel truth. Nobody can question that code amongst Arabs. That collection of verses was later on written down by some scribes. A book was prepared and so it was called 'The Book', meaning in Arabic Koran.

During this period, Mohammad had much opposition from other nations of Arab tribes whose dear gods were destroyed by Mohammad. A live animosity Mohammad had to sustain. He had to fight them to convert them to his new found religion. However, some had joined Mohammad in full faith and so they were called faithful or Muslim.

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