Friday, April 5, 2019

Satanic Islam -2

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Mohammad had told his companions that this religion he has invented under suggestion of angel Gabriel to bring awareness amongst Arab countries so that they may be able to fight Persian rule and Byzantine rule that was controlling different regions of Arabia. During lifetime of Mohammad every thing was working well however, he made a mistake under the influence of Gabriel that he challenged Satan. Mohammed did not know about the basic nature of Satan. Because of this ignorance, Mohammad challenged Satan. Satan accepted the challenge and ever since then, deterioration in the hold of true Mohammedan control began to be dissolved.

First experience we get of this when Mohammad was murdered by hi wife Ayesha with help of her father who was a very powerful Arab tribe leader and second to Mohammad in the hierarchy amongst Muslims. Mohammad was poisoned by Ayesh by administering Arsenic in his food. Mohammad was staying with that wife and so that was possible. In those days amongst Arabs, daughters were killed by arsenic since girls were destroyed. Arabs is a savage community and so they had many such wile practices during those days.

Satan had planted his hands in the system of Mohammad who were later known as Rashudin, meaning "ideal Muslim". They were AbuBkr, Umer and Uthman. These people of Satan were the very first Caliph after Mohammed died. It is recorded in the hadith that during his last days he was in trance like position and possibly was I contact with his angel and there he wanted something to be noted however, the hadith says that nobody gave him paper or nobody bothered to note what he was uttering during that trance. That was probably the last message he had received from Gabriel but it is lost. Nobody will ever know of that.

Satan introduced violence within followers of Mohammad. Much killing had been done by mutual rivalries. We also see from accepted history of Mohammedan period that continuous fight in different factions of followers of Mohammad was taking place and that was killing many followers, called companions. In this way Satan was collecting toll from faithful of Mohammad. That means from the very advent of Islam Satan is after this faith.

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