Monday, February 1, 2016

Origin of Roman Catholic Church - 1

I am putting my research work on this subject for the information of my readers. Roman Church, the predecessor of Roman Catholic Church, was established to promote and monitor Roman religion. Roman religion had Rome's Caesar as their principal lord or God. There were other gods and Goddesses to help Caesar. It was a religion based on polytheism. This church was guiding people of Rome and its Empire in practicing Roman religion. The basic functions were Baptism or taking a person into the fold of that religion. Sacrament is performing process of honoring the King and other deities in that religion. Performing naming, marriage, final rituals after death and obituary in addition to that, other ceremonies, festivals, Carnivals those people of Rome entertained. Therefore, this Church was central place of that community. Every thing was going on properly so long as Romans were in full force, prospering, building Empires all over the world.

Roman church was a well-developed authority over a period of many centuries. This word Church, in English and other European languages is from Greek word, kuriakon. Kuriakon means, Lord's house or temple. It had built up a system of priesthood. Priests were from the same hierarchy as that of aristocrats from Roman Court. While working as priests, the priests in that religion had acquired professional skills in managing their religion. Roman priests were coming from aristocratic families and so, they were equally involved in political activities of the Empire. Many smart persons had joined it and created a niche for them in that system of priesthood. Every thing was going on very well but nothing can continue for good and by that rule of nature a time came when aborigines from North Europe of Germanic tribes began to pester Roman Empire. They continued to attack Roman Empire from all sides and finally the time came so that Roman Empire collapsed. With that, the Lord of Roman people lost his position in the eyes of his people. They realized that their King is not God the way they believed for all those so many years. Along with the king, other deities also lost their importance in the eyes of people of Rome, and in eyes of most priests. As a result, their polytheist religion and with it its idolatry (idol worship) came under scrutiny. This development had fetal effect on the function of Church of Rome. During this development, there were coming up in Europe, new powers rising and they did not have any central organization to keep them together. Each had a separate religion of theirs. Roman Church realized that if they can rejuvenate their religion with some body else other than king of Rome it might help the Church survive. The high priests called Pope (meaning reverent father of all, Greek papas, patriarch) and his team of experts who were excellent in organizational skills began to look for a new religion which they may be able to hijack and adopt it as their next religion to replace original Roman religion. They wanted the transition to be smooth.

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