Saturday, February 20, 2016

Origin of Roman Catholic Church – 3

At that juncture, they remembered the sorry episode of crucification of Jesus that had taken place only a few years back. Ordinary (I say ordinary because high posted Jew community resented the teachings of Jesus) Jews of Jerusalem were calling Jesus, "Rex of Jews" meaning king of Jews; that the governor of Jerusalem misinterpreted as a challenge to his authority. High priests of Jews amongst Jew people wanted to get rid of this Messiah. Because, Jesus had challenged their authority and he was openly preaching his gospel in synagogues (Jew's Church is called Synagogue). They wanted to use their good offices with the Roman Court to punish Jesus. On several occasions, it is believed that, Jesus called for gathering of Jews from Jerusalem and would give his sermon of the mount. Those sermons were actually to guide his people in life, transforming their uncouth life into civilized one. He often raised his objection to the way Jew priests were exploiting people in the name of religion. Jesus often condemned them as hypocrites. This enraged Rabbi community who held power over ordinary people in the name of their god. Jesus did not come from priestly hierarchy and so his comments of Rabbi was taken as affront to the Jew priesthood. Those occasions were grossly misinterpreted deliberately by Jew priests as a preparation for revolt against the rule of Romans. The priests of Church of Rome also did the same mistake and as a result, Jesus was arrested. They made him parade through the streets of Jerusalem carrying the post of cross on his shoulders. Roman soldiers tortured him right in the presence of poor Jews of Jerusalem who generally favored Jesus. Jesus carried the post with cross on his shoulders and with that; he was forced to put on a crown of thorns. Bleeding Jesus walked with great difficulty. He reaches to a place where outlaws were crucified outside the city of Jerusalem. Roman administration wanted to show the population of Jews that their Rex is nothing as against the King (or the Lord) of Rome. At the same time Jew, priests of high position also wanted to prove to other Jews that Jesus is not a messiah. Jesus was put on cross and nailed. Then as the custom, the soldiers erected the post. Jesus had realized that his attempt to improve the savage Jews is misunderstood by the Roman and so he at that moment instead of blaming Romans called God and requested Him to pardon them. He said, "Oh God, they know not what they do and so pardon them". Soldiers were expecting that there will be a big revolt and they will have to suppress it. However, to their surprise except for weeping of the followers of Jesus nothing happened. On that, the governor realized that the epithet Rex of Jews did not mean any challenge to the king but only it was a way they wanted to appreciate their beloved leader. High priests of Jews were also satisfied that their rival is removed from the scene. As the governor realized that he and other officers of the Roman government had punished an innocent person, felt very sorry. This information went to the patriarch, Church of Rome. On that, the Church of Rome attempted to study the teachings Jesus gave to his people and on that, they realized the blunder they had committed. Paul (later on called St. Paul) was appointed to do the study on teachings of Jesus. It needed some time of two days and as they understood their bungle, they ordered the soldiers guarding the cross of Jesus to leave that place and allow the followers of Jesus to pull the post down if they want to release him from the cross. From this, it becomes clear that Romans knew that Jesus is alive. Jesus was released from the cross by his followers and applied salve on his wounds. Following quotations from different gospels clearly show that Jesus did not die on Cross. Moreover, it is a saying that a person who dies on Cross is permanently condemned by God. Since, Jesus was God's favorite, it is not possible that he died on Cross.

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